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Luigi (SSBM)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 JDkdc.gif
Neutral attack 2 GXsHz.gif
Neutral attack 3 eJcLJ.gif
Forward tilt fHjo5.gif
Forward tilt (angled up) 0j69N.gif
Forward tilt (angled down) vjS0G.gif
Up tilt uZEH9.gif
Down tilt nmSyC.gif
Dash attack TsiJQ.gif
Forward smash Cygt0.gif
Forward smash (angled up) Rn7YF.gif
Forward smash (angled down) QZwuk.gif
Up smash 35SJp.gif
Down smash TKhmr.gif
Neutral aerial qRzGD.gif
Forward aerial A0218.gif
Back aerial 8aLE8.gif
Up aerial 2RBTV.gif
Down aerial uUlgt.gif
Neutral special Fireball kjql2.gif
Side special (normal) Green Missile jorS4.gif
Side special (misfire) Green Missile mB5MJ.gif
Up special Super Jump Punch No7Rm.gif
Up special (sweetspot location) Super Jump Punch J5wIe.png
Down special Luigi Cyclone (ground) jkyiV.gif
Down special Luigi Cyclone (aerial) a7CGk.gif
Grab 8Sfjb.gif
Dash grab ygn09.gif
Forward roll l83oci7.gif
Back roll RZUHzDg.gif
Spot dodge RhkeiK8.gif
Air dodge Q19p1Cv.gif
Taunt ESPmD.gif