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Lucario (SSB4)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 LucarioJab1.gif
Neutral attack 2 LucarioJab2.gif
Neutral attack 3 LucarioJab3.gif
Forward tilt LucarioFTilt.gif
Forward tilt (angled up) LucarioFTiltUp.gif
Forward tilt (angled down) LucarioFTiltDown.gif
Up tilt LucarioUpTilt.gif
Down tilt LucarioDTilt.gif
Dash attack LucarioDashAttack.gif
Forward smash LucarioFSmash.gif
Up smash LucarioUpSmash.gif
Down smash LucarioDSmash.gif
Neutral aerial LucarioNAir.gif
Forward aerial LucarioFAir.gif
Back aerial LucarioBAir.gif
Up aerial LucarioUpAir.gif
Down aerial LucarioDAir.gif
Neutral special Aura Sphere (unavailable)
Side special Force Palm LucarioForcePalm.gif
Up special Extreme Speed LucarioExtremeSpeed.png
Down special Double Team (unavailable)
Down special (hit) Double Team LucarioDoubleTeam.gif
Grab LucarioGrab.gif
Dash grab LucarioGrabDash.gif
Pivot grab LucarioGrabPivot.gif
Pummel LucarioPummel.gif
Forward throw (collateral) LucarioThrowForward.gif
Back throw (collateral) LucarioThrowBack.gif
Up throw (collateral) LucarioThrowUp.gif
Down throw (collateral) LucarioThrowDown.gif