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Little Mac (SSB4)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 LittleMacJab1.gif
Neutral attack 2 LittleMacJab2.gif
Neutral attack 3 LittleMacJab3.gif
Neutral attack infinite LittleMacJabRapid.gif
Neutral attack infinite finisher LittleMacJabRapidFinisher.gif
Forward tilt LittleMacFTilt.gif
Up tilt LittleMacUpTilt.gif
Down tilt LittleMacDTilt.gif
Dash attack LittleMacDashAttack.gif
Forward smash LittleMacFSmash.gif
Forward smash (angled up) LittleMacFSmashUp.gif
Forward smash (angled down) LittleMacFSmashDown.gif
Up smash LittleMacUpSmash.gif
Down smash LittleMacDSmash.gif
Neutral aerial LittleMacNAir.gif
Forward aerial LittleMacFAir.gif
Back aerial LittleMacBAir.gif
Up aerial LittleMacUpAir.gif
Down aerial LittleMacDAir.gif
KO Punch LittleMacKOPunch.gif
Neutral special (uncharged grounded) Straight Lunge LittleMacStraightLungeNG.gif
Neutral special (full charge grounded) Straight Lunge LittleMacStraightLungeMG.gif
Neutral special (uncharged aerial) Straight Lunge LittleMacStraightLungeNA.gif
Neutral special (full charge aerial) Straight Lunge LittleMacStraightLungeMA.gif
Side special Jolt Haymaker LittleMacJoltHaymaker.gif
Up special Rising Uppercut LittleMacRisingUppercut.gif
Down special Slip Counter LittleMacSlipCounter.gif
Down special (hit) Slip Counter LittleMacSlipCounterHit.gif
Grab LittleMacGrab.gif
Dash grab LittleMacGrabDash.gif
Pivot grab LittleMacGrabPivot.gif
Pummel LittleMacPummel.gif
Forward throw (collateral) LittleMacThrowForward.gif
Back throw (collateral) LittleMacThrowBack.gif
Up throw (collateral) LittleMacThrowUp.gif
Down throw (collateral) LittleMacThrowDown.gif