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Jigglypuff (SSB)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 JigglypuffJab1SSB.gif
Neutral attack 2 JigglypuffJab2SSB.gif
Forward tilt JigglypuffFTiltSSB.gif
Forward tilt up JigglypuffFTiltUpSSB.gif
Forward tilt down JigglypuffFTiltDownSSB.gif
Up tilt Jigglypuff Up Tilt (SSB64).gif
Down tilt Jigglypuff Down Tilt (SSB64).gif
Dash attack JigglypuffDashAttackSSB.gif
Forward smash JigglypuffFSmashSSB.gif
Up smash JigglypuffUSmashSSB.gif
Down smash JigglypuffDSmashSSB.gif
Neutral aerial JigglypuffNAirSSB.gif
Forward aerial JigglypuffFAirSSB.gif
Back aerial JigglypuffBAirSSB.gif
Up aerial JigglypuffUAirSSB.gif
Down aerial JigglypuffDAirSSB.gif
Down aerial (landing) JigglypuffDAirLandingSSB.gif
Neutral special Pound JigglypuffNSpecialSSB.gif
Up special Sing JigglypuffUSpecialSSB.gif
Down special Rest JigglypuffDSpecialSSB.gif
Down special (close-up) Rest JigglypuffDSpecialZoom.png
Grab JigglypuffGrabSSB.gif
Forward throw JigglypuffFThrowSSB.gif
Back throw JigglypuffBThrowSSB.gif
Getup attack front JigglypuffGetupAttackFrontSSB.gif
Getup attack back JigglypuffGetupAttackBackSSB.gif
Ledge attack (fast) JigglypuffLedgeAttackFastSSB.gif
Ledge attack (slow) JigglypuffLedgeAttackSlowSSB.gif