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Ivysaur (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 Whip Sweep IvysaurJab1SSBU.gif
Neutral attack 2 Whip Combo IvysaurJab2SSBU.gif
Neutral attack infinite Whip Barrage IvysaurRapidJabSSBU.gif
Neutral attack finisher Whip Finish IvysaurRapidJabFinisherSSBU.gif
Forward tilt Windmill Cutter IvysaurFTiltSSBU.gif
Up tilt Whip Lift IvysaurUTiltSSBU.gif
Down tilt Leg Sweep IvysaurDTiltSSBU.gif
Dash attack Shoulder Tackle IvysaurDashAttackSSBU.gif
Forward smash Whip Charge IvysaurFSmashSSBU.gif
Forward smash up Whip Charge IvysaurFSmashUpSSBU.gif
Forward smash down Whip Charge IvysaurFSmashDownSSBU.gif
Up smash Exploding Flower IvysaurUSmashSSBU.gif
Down smash Double Whip IvysaurDSmashSSBU.gif
Neutral aerial Ivy Leaf IvysaurNAirSSBU.gif
Forward aerial Whip Dunk IvysaurFAirSSBU.gif
Back aerial Whip Wheel IvysaurBAirSSBU.gif
Up aerial Exploding Descent Hitbox visualization of Ivysaur's Up Aerial
Down aerial Rear Exploding Flower Hitbox visualization for Ivysaur's Down Aerial .
Neutral special grounded Bullet Seed IvysaurNSpecialGroundedSSBU.gif
Neutral special aerial Bullet Seed IvysaurNSpecialAerialSSBU.gif
Side special tilt Razor Leaf IvysaurSSpecialTiltSSBU.gif
Side special smash Razor Leaf IvysaurSSpecialSmashSSBU.gif
Up special Vine Whip (unavailable)
Down special Pokémon Change (unavailable)
Standing grab IvysaurGrabSSBU.gif
Dash grab IvysaurDashGrabSSBU.gif
Pivot grab IvysaurPivotGrabSSBU.gif
Pummel Grab Headbutt IvysaurPummelSSBU.gif
Forward throw Vine Sling IvysaurFThrowSSBU.gif
Back throw Vine Throw IvysaurBThrowSSBU.gif
Up throw Vine Thrust IvysaurUThrowSSBU.gif
Down throw Vine Drop IvysaurDThrowSSBU.gif
Getup attack front IvysaurGetupAttackFrontSSBU.gif
Getup attack back IvysaurGetupAttackBackSSBU.gif
Getup attack trip IvysaurTripAttackSSBU.gif
Ledge attack IvysaurLedgeAttackSSBU.gif
Final smash Triple Finish IvysaurSolarBeam.gif