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Okay, i'm not saying he's the best character ever, but D tier i mean serisouly. I believe he at least D tier. So 've made a list of why i think this.

1. His blaster has good hitstun and set knockback perfect for setting up combos. 
   The claw on the end even deals additional damage.It is a useful edge guarding techniqu and 
   is good at keeping opponents at bay.

2. Fire wolf is not that bad of a recovery. It's quick and covers a good distance,
   He can go under smashville with it! It can't be that bad.
3. Wolf flash is just awesome. Not ony does it double as a useful recovery move, it also
   is extremely powerful. It very fast and lets the user use useful guard breaking techniques,
   such as semi scarring,scarring,and tele stepping.
4. The reflector is also a very versitile move. It reflects projectiles [obvisouly] and also can
   stun opponents to set up awesome combos. It even has invincibility frames which if mastered
   can be very useful. It can also be used to get out of chaingrabs and break combos being used
   on him.

 5. His neutral combo is stong. All of his tilts are fairly fast and have KO potential.
    His smash attacks are all strong and fast. His side smash is very fast covering good amount
    over distance too. His up smash is strong. His down smash is an amazing killing move 
    and its fast. His DACUS is very useful and strong.
 6. HIs arial game is very good. His bair is strong and fast. His up air is very fast and can
    juggle opponents fairly easily. His down air is an awesome spike. His forward air is also
    very powerful [although ending lag is long]. His neutral air may be weak if not sweetspotted
    but can set up pretty good combos. 
 7. His down grab is useful at legdes and he can chaingrab with his forward throw.
 These are not all of his pro and im aware of his cons. PLease respond and tell what you think.