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Forums: Index Brawl Talk What's so great about trophies and stickers?

I'll admit that they are sort of a neat novelty, but wouldn't more characters and Music be better instead? Trophies don't affect the gameplay at all, nor do they give battles a different atmoshpere like Music, so they're pointless. Stickers only have a use in Adventure Mode, a mode that you probably won't spend as much time on as multiplayer modes or the other single player modes.

CDs are different, because although they don't affect battles, they do have a bigger impact than the other collectables. And although limited, it's neat to choose what music plays on a stage.

I would rather have Krystal and Wario Land (as well as Master of Disguise) music like one of the Water Themes and Sweatmore Peak Music instead of pointless trophies and stickers. --TStick (talk) 02:09, 18 July 2008 (UTC)

What an interesting thought, TStick. The novelty thing you state seems to be the great thing about them. Personally, I use to love brawling much for CDs, but I felt sad when I got them all. Stickers are fun to collect, but when you've almost got them all, what's the point? I seem to get an endless amount of boo tennis stickers btw. Trophies, well they're harder to collect (not via the coin launcher they aren't), but I didn't know any of outside-franchised trophies, like Ouendan or Barbara. Novelty, collectivity, the joy of beating crap while collecting stickers (and mostly CDs) seems to be the main great concept bout them. Zexas A. (talk) 02:25, 18 July 2008 (UTC)

While I like the concept of collectibles like trophies and stickers, I can understand easily why they might be disliked. I also would have preferred certain songs that didn't make the cut. (Is it just me, or is it EXTREMELY unfair that the Mario & Luigi series got ONE song? and while Gritzy Desert is nice, Superstar Saga was one of the best games I've played and they could have given it a song. I would have included the Bowser's Castle song for Luigi's Mansion.) I'm interested to find out what other people think about this issue. Miles.oppenheimer (talk) 18:57, 18 July 2008 (UTC)

I seem to get an endless amount of boo tennis stickers btw. (Zexas A.)

Ditto. That is because of it's a challenge sticker for scoring over 300 m in Home-Run Contest (sorry, don't know how many feet in NTSC version), which is ridiculously easy to beat.

And to answer the question, I must say that I enjoy collecting trophies, stickers and CDs. Trophies look usually quite cool, CDs add nicely the music collection and stickers are sometimes cool too. This may be, however, because of I haven't got either all trophies, stickers or CDs. UltimateSephiroth Talk  · Contributions 19:41, 18 July 2008 (UTC)