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If you have AR, Play as Giga Bowser on the Temple Stage on Giant Mode, get a Mushroom and Bowser Bomb in the spot in the tunnel. GB should vibrate in place and the Bowser bomb animation should never end and neither does the mushroom effect. Its the same problem with the reposition action that has to do with the floor glitch (Brawl talk). Giga Bowser can't fit in tunnel so when the Bowser Bomb is done his butt is inside the floor which repositions him above the ground but inside the ceiling and that repositions his butt back inside the floor over and over again. With his butt never colliding (either too far inside the floor or above it, but inside the ceiling), the falling animation never ends because the actions due to collision with a floor never has a chance of happening :D!!! LAWL!!! TheLegendTamer (talk) 16:25, 16 October 2008 (UTC)