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This control Setting can do a lot of really cool stuff. I'm going to say how though because its really long list. And I'm not sure some1 else already posted it...

Select Wii + Nunchuk

Set Down Dpad for Down Smashes

Set Up Dpad for Up Smash

Turn Shake Smash on

Optional: Set Left/Right Dpad for foward smash (can be kept as grab you'll see why)

What it can do:

Wavebounce (no reverse arial rush and you can't wavebounce nuetral special, but can wavebounce on ground very slightly for strong wavebounces)

Midair T-sticking and the benefits of midair T-Sticking

Instant Dash Attacks

Instant SnakeDashes

Instant Boost Grabs

Weird reverse sliding Pivot grab ?!? (you slide in the direction your dashing while dash grabbing in the opposite direction)

Consecutive dash attacks (same as instant dash attack)

Crouch attack dash attack combo (crouch then rotate to dash and dash cancel with the instant dash attack can combo with some character's dash attacks)

VERY easy Infinite Dimesion cape Glitch

VERY easy Infinite Cape Edgestall

Double DI (Still testing because it doesn't always work you want it to (accidently dairs due to too much uncontrolled shaking))

Really fun combos with Ice climbers (you'll see ;D)

And a lot more, I still haven't fully tested it. Only downfall, it's hard to master its capabilities and the awkward "dont shake the wii while pressing buttons to attack or you're screwed" thing :p. Lemme know if you find something out. TheLegendTamer (talk) 17:25, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

And there is a moment of awkward silence... <:O FOR SIX DAYS!?! TheLegendTamer (talk) 16:07, 16 October 2008 (UTC)