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First off, there's the obstacle course/raceway. Make a stage with a start and end, and a clearly defined track, and race. Put in ladders, spikes, springs, etc. Then, either set Stamina to 1% for obstacle-course style or challenge a friend to a Stock race. My favorite course is a three-lap raceway that is quite hard. Oh, and you choose whether players are allowed to attack each other.
Next, soccer, or "football" for you Brits. (Actually, Brits are awesome; no offense was meant.) What you do it have two goals on either side of a symmetrical stage. If you want, encase it with a Drop Block. Then, go into training mode and make a soccer ball appear, and start!
Examples of the stages I just mentioned can be found here (soccer) and here (obstacle course). Runer5h (talk) 23:10, 12 June 2008 (UTC)Runer5h