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One of the most difficult challenges to complete is 5 KO's in cruel brawl. I found a simple and easy tactic that requires little skill.

1) Select Pit 2) At the start of the brawl pick a side to run to (left or doesnt matter which) 3) Jump off of the stage and put at least one complete jump distance between you and the edge of the stage. 4) Wait for Blue, Yellow, or Red alloy to jump off of the stage to pursue you. 5) Use your remaining jumps to get under the stage. You will most likely have to use Pit's "Wings of Icarus" (up special) to accomplish this. 6) Allow the alloys to follow you, then fly your way back to the edge of the stage. 7) Once you have grabbed the ledge you should be able to rack up between 1-2 kills. 8) To start over Jump away from the stage and allow yourself to fall away and below the stage then follow through with steps 1-7.

Note: You will have to learn the length of time Wings of Icarus lasts as you will need be fly under the stage for a second or so to eliminate the chance that the alloy will return to the edge of the stage.

I am sure there are other techniqes that you can use to be successful with this challeng, but this is the one I have found easy success with. Good luck!!! Notoriousjoe (talk) 15:39, 23 May 2008 (UTC)