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While playing Brawl, I noticed that a lot of stages look like melee stages. I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of successor stages.

(stage in melee = stage in brawl)

battlefield = battlefield

big blue = melee stage: big blue

brinstar = melee stage: brinstar = norfair

corneria = melee stage: corneria

final destination = final destination

flat zone = flat zone2

fountain of dreams = spear pillar (?)

fourside = new pork city

great bay = pirate ship (?)

green greens = melee stage: green greens

icicle mountain = rumble falls

jungle japes = melee stage: jungle japes

kingdom + kingdom 2 = mushroomy kingdom

kongo jungle = yoshi's island (?)

mute city = port down aero drive

onett = melee stage: onett

poke floats = /

pokemon stadium = melee stage: pokemon stadium = pokemon stadium 2

princess peach castle = luigi's mansion

rainbow cruise = melee stage: rainbow cruise

temple = melee stage: temple

venom = lylat cruise

yoshi's island = melee stage: yoshi's island

yoshi's story = skyworld (?)

if you think something isn't right, just correct it

You forgot Brinstar Depths, frigate orpheon is my best guess. Solar flute (talk) 06:55, 29 July 2009 (UTC)