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Please see this video. In my opinion this is an official video. At 12th second of this video, we can see e roster with all the characters. But this roster is strange. There are 40 characters (without falco).


P.S. Video's date is before Japanese release!

It's a fan made roster. It has Bowser Jr., King K. Rool, Krystal, Ashley, Midna, Black Knight, Mewtwo, and a few other people I can't recognize. It's fake.

ya, at that roster you mentioned at second #12 if you look at some of the characters pictures they are 2-d like a drawn picture not 3-d like in the game its as if someone went and found a picture of the character on the internet cut off everything that wouldn't fit in the box and then copied and pasted the picture there. for example look at toon link in the upper right corner of the roster. it is obviously fake.