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Wikia currently uses this system on the [w:masseffect|Mass Effect Wiki] and [w:callofduty|Call of Duty Wiki]. As the description found on [Super Smash Bros. Wiki:Featured content] says, these featured articles are "formatted so that the info from the list can be streamed to other sites." So far, "other sites" is just GameSpot, but in the future, more sites may receive this stream of featured articles, which helps drive traffic to our wikis.

The next step is to select other articles (preferably ones related to SSB Brawl since that's what most people are going to be interested in), and create featured articles based on them by clicking 'edit' on the next available spot on [Super Smash Bros. Wiki:Featured content/Full]. While creating the featured article, follow the example set in Template:FA/1. Copy/paste the first 2-3 sentences of the article being featured. Then add [[Article Name|more...]] at the end. Don't forget to add the new featured article to the list at [Super Smash Bros. Wiki:Featured content].

Whenever you want a different featured article to appear on the Main Page, simply edit the code to replace the current FA/# with the new number. For example, if you want to replace featured article #1 (the current one) with #2, edit the Main Page and under === Featured Article ===, change {{FA/1}} to {{FA/2}}, and that's it. JoePlay (talk) 22:35, 7 January 2008 (UTC)