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Ok I figured this out on accident and I'm sure if anybody has thought of this. Here goes... First you need to go to the control settings. Select the Nunchuk + Wii control setting. Then turn Shake Smash ON. Then Set the Up-Dpad to do up smashes and the Down-Dpad to down smashes. There are optional settings such as setting the Left/Right-Dpad to do side smashes or grabs but either way you get the same cool things that these options can do. Here is a list of things it can do:

WaveBouncing-(so far it can only do Up, Down and Side Special Wavebounces and it's REALLY hard to especially Up and Down specials) Similarly performed like you would with gamecube control but depending on your settings you can either Shake smash and press B in the opposite direction or press the side d-pad + B to perform side specials for down or up B wavebounces you hold up or down on the dpad + shake smash + B in the opposite direction your moving. Alternativily hold the dpad in the opposite direction your moving and shake smash up or down + B.

note:You can't perform a reverse arial rush with the control however some caracters like olimar can Wavebounce on the ground instead of only wavebouncing in the air (obviously the wavebounce is less significant.

Easy Pivot Grabbing- Simply Dash and the tap the joystick in the opposite direction then immidiatly after pull out your sheild and shake smash in the opposite direction.

Midair T-stick-Shake smash in the direction you want to do it.

Instant Dash, Snakedash and Boost Grab - All can be performed from a crouching/crawling position, after a crouch attack and can be used consecutivly. Snake's consecutive instant dash attack is cool and suits him well plus consecutive instant snakedashes is really good too. To perform an instant dash attack just dash then shake smash down/dpad down then to snake dash immidiatly shake smash up/dpad up. To intantly boost grab, press side dpad if it is set to grab (easiest) or grab, after performing an instant dash attack.

Easy Dimension cape tricks- To perform infinite dimension cape just tap up dpad after going invisible as fast as you can, it's easier than the c-stick and if your good you can do it on slopes and move along the slope. You can also perform the infinite edgestall easily, just grab the edge, tap the joy stick in the opposite direction of the edge then press down on dpad + B and you should grab the edge immidiatly after reappearing. Do it consecutivly to stall. You can chain that with the Edgestall Punish. All of these tricks can stall and/or give near perfect approach and escape and you can attack.

Advancing or Retreating Side Smash - Tilt in the opposite direction, then shake smash in the direction you want. Depending on the character and the timing of your smash (during turning animation/walking in opposit direction/standing still facing opposite direction), the direction, distance and speed will change during the smash attack (try with mario and compare with normal smash attack its small but noticable enough to make a difference).

(Most Ownage Trick) Triple DI!!! - 1:Hold down on the joy pad be for your hit, then 2:hold the joy stick AND 3:shake smash in the direction you want to go (carful not to attack though you might SD) at the same time (crouch first then after your hit double DI). Some characters are almost impossible to KO when performed.

And a lot more since some tricks can be performed in combinaion making really cool tricks a combos. Be creative and feel free to change the controls a little bit. So waddya think? Share what you think or a cool combo using this control or similar to this control. TheLegendTamer (talk) 19:22, 18 September 2008 (UTC)