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I think that Angelic Missile is the best. It does not require charging unlike Green Missile, so it always gives a good deal of horizontal momentum and is always at full power. It gives less distance than Flare Blitz and Green Missile's misfire, but it does not cause Palutena to be damaged or suffer a huge amount of lag when it hits an opponent, unlike the former. It also has less lag than both moves and is safer than the misfired Green Missile and Flare Blitz. It is a little weaker than the charged/misfired Green Missile and Flare Blitz however, and it cannot be used for tourneys as it is a custom. Second goes to Green Missile due to Flare Blitz being unsafe regardless of whether or not it hits. Iron Gladiator (talk) 09:44, 12 November 2017 (EST)