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Well, I was playing with Ganondorf one day, using his down air quickly after a short jump, which is a cool move all in it's self, but then I began to wonder If I could do it faster, so I tried and tried. until I starting doing fingerwork like the ol' wavedash in SSBM. I kept doing the fast presing until what I saw on screen made me stop, I started running with ganon, and pressed the buttons for a short jump and then his down B, I must've did it at the right time, because I had skipped the entire jump and wizard foot animations. It looked as if ganondorf had started running and as soon as I pressed the buttons he did the landing animation for the wizard foot, with shockwave and all, its a powerful and fast move too. Well I practiced this, and I showed my friends (We call it a ganondash), and then I wondered, "Has this move been noticed anywhere else? Have I discovered anew move? Or is it an old one? So i came to smash wiki to see if anybody had written it down in ganon's profile, and I was suprised that nobady had put it in.

Well I wanted to share with you guys this experience, and i just wanted to see if anybody had done this move before, even on accident.



it has been discovered before, though it isn't that widely known JtM =^] (talk) 01:09, 10 August 2008 (UTC)