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Here are some tips for players who struggle with nintendo's super smash brothers brawl I tried my hardest to help.

1.Never give your opponent mercy if you run away continuously in fear hoping not to get pinned which most noobs will with opponents you will only lead to your undoing.Instead be the attacker and repeatedly attack the enemy until they fall!

2.A handy tip only for flying characters You may want to use Kirby,Meta knight,pit,King dedede,Charizard,snake(if your good),or jiggly puff.Attack your enemy or if your constantly being chased by enemies run jump off the cliff but do not fall get a little bit far but not too far and quickly get back on the arena.The enemy will most likely chase you and try to attack miss try to get back and fall to their death!*

  • info Void if flying characters are your enemy or your not very far away.

3.In boss battles SE or not the best air attacks to use are snakes forward kick,captain falcon's knee slam!,or the lucas basic air attack.

4.Post any hints you discovered and put them here in which will help other noobs too.

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