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Diet Melee is a gameplay modification of Super Smash Bros. Melee designed to make the game run more efficiently on Project Slippi.

It does this by lowering the polygon count of the stages via custom models, and using the in game low poly models for the characters. For example, Diet Melee Classic Final Destination has only 754 tris, vs vanilla Melee Final Destination which has 13,008 tris. Running the lower polygon count allows for much weaker hardware to play Project Slippi online and offline. Along with making the game easier to run, the project also makes the iso smaller by removing non-essential files from the game. This includes trophies, videos, stages, and even single player modes. The vanilla Super Smash Bros. Melee iso is 1.35GB, whereas the Diet Melee iso is only 239MB. On top of this, the project has taken steps towards making Super Smash Bros. Melee more accessible as a whole through it's Crystal Melee build. It simplifies the game's visual style heavily to help people with visual disabilities be able to play Super Smash Bros. Melee just like everyone else. It simplifies textures, models, and has other changes such as making team colors more fitting for the team they're on, making Fox and Falco's lasers different colors, simplifying the HUD by removing %, simplifying HUD stock icons, and making fire effects make characters less dark, and more.


Diet Melee has 3 optional builds for players to choose from.

Builds Descriptions
Diet Melee Classic)
Diet Melee Classic
Diet Melee Classic is the standard version.
Diet Melee 64
Diet Melee 64
Diet Melee 64 is a version with an aesthetic resembling Super Smash Bros..
Diet Crystal Melee
Diet Crystal Melee
Diet Crystal Melee is the cleaner looking version that makes characters more visible and makes the game more visually accessible.


  • Project Leads: hamyojo, Cjag
  • Character retextures: hamyojo, Cjag, Bimps, Ploaj, and Connor Rentz
  • Stage Remodels: Cjag, Pigs, and Prune_Danish.
  • Stage Retexturing: VineJuice
  • Other devs: Cynthetic, cinnaminion, Pigs, IntifiPixel, David Kimball