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Brawl Snapshots

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Brawl Snapshots, as seen through Wayback Machine.

Brawl Snapshots was an image-upload website intended for the sharing of snapshots taken in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Members could upload either pre-converted .jpg images or raw .bin files, with the additional option of performing automatic widescreen correction. Members could also rate up images that others had uploaded in order to increase their ranking on various lists, with the top-rated images generally being humorous, lucky, or requiring extensive setup and precision.

While popular, the site was not without its problems. As any JPEG image could be uploaded, there was no enforceable restriction for image content, so images from other games or even other media could be uploaded. Less-scrupulous members could also upload duplicates of others' images or even the ones posted on the DOJO!!, as well as potentially offensive or shocking images unrelated to Brawl. As a result of these drawbacks, the website's forums also eventually became notorious for frequently featuring arguments, flame wars, and other controversies.

The infamous forums eventually became the epicentre of the end of the site. An AllisBrawl blog post claimed that the site lost its Google Ads revenue when forum posts caused the adbot to begin linking to adult content. The site's owners, however, were uninterested in continuing to pay the increasing hosting fees of the site, and when the lease for the domain expired, they chose not to renew it. No backup for the content on the site was provided, and no forewarning was given to users that the site would soon shut down. All content on the site was lost, and even the Wayback Machine is unable to retrieve much of the site's former contents.

No successor, direct or spiritual, has existed since the shutdown of Brawl Snapshots.