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Not to be confused with KO Star.

Characters fly away from the main stage as they are turning into a star, demonstrated in Lylat Cruise.

A star knock-out or star finish (星になって, Become a star), abbreviated as star KO, is a type of KO. When characters are knocked beyond the upper blast line (save for a few exceptions, see below), they fly through the background, away from the stage, yell/scream/etc., and eventually disappear as a star (there is a random chance of a screen KO instead, where characters hit the camera, which is rarer). This takes the longest duration out of any KOs.

Any conditions on the characters, such as if the characters are KO'd while frozen or have a Smash Ball, are seen when they are star KO'd. In Flat Zone 2 and Hanenbow, conditions are not aligned with the character (i.e. the frozen block and character fly off separately).

Giant/tiny characters who are star KO'd remain giant/tiny while falling on the background (their "falling voice" remains deep/tiny as well). On the other hand, star KO'd metal characters appear in normal conditions on the background (including their voice). The only exceptions are the Metal opponents in Melee's 1-player modes. In Brawl, when giant/tiny characters gets star KO'd, they will return to normal size, unless the characters are playing in Giant/Tiny Brawl. When a character is frozen, they will appear frozen when they are star KO'd.

In Super Smash Bros. 4, star KOs are no longer a certainty; the upper blast line will cause a normal KO explosion or a star/screen KO at random when crossed. Players launched at extremely high speeds will also prevent Star KOs from occurring. In addition, presumably to solve balance issues, star KOs no longer occur near the end of a timed match.


Members of Fighting Enemy Teams, such as the Fighting Wire Frames and Fighting Alloy Team, do not experience star KOs, instead undergoing the usual colorful explosion (with the exception of the oversized Wire Frames that appear in Event Match 37). Team battles in the Classic and Adventure Mode also feature playable characters that cannot be Star or Screen KO'd. In Super Smash Bros., members of a team (such as the Fighting Polygon Team) can be Star KO'd. Common enemies in the Subspace Emissary mode cannot be Star or Screen KO'd (with the exception of playable characters).


  • Star KO: Star KO an opponent. (10000 points in SSB, x300 points in Melee)
  • Solar Being: Get star KO'd. (800 points in Melee)
  • Shooting Star: Finishing the match while getting star KO'd. (1500 points in Melee)


  • Kirby's various Copy abilities remain on his head when he is Star KOed in Smash 64, but vanish in all games since Melee.
  • If the opponent sent upward touches a Starman and gets star KOed, the opponent will appear as an invincible character while disappearing into the background.
  • There are a few ways to self-destruct as a star KO: by standing on a platform that moves above the upper blast line, using Pikachu's Quick Attack to the maximum height from the top platform of Hyrule Castle, Kirby utilizing his 5 midair jumps and Final Cutter on the top platform of Hyrule Castle, Wario's fully charged Wario Waft, by being carried away by a Landmaster tank, using Sonic's Spring Jump from a high enough point on the stage, as well as Jigglypuff's shield jump.
  • As of both versions of Super Smash Bros. 4, some stages have star KOs disabled outright due to circumstances such as gyrating backgrounds (e.g. Skyloft, Wuhu Island) or background elements too close to the foreground (e.g. Dream Land, Wii Fit Studio) that could possibly obscure a star KO'd player. However, screen KOs are still possible in these stages.
  • While not an actual fighter, the cage that the Mii that resides on Find Mii can be Star KOed if it takes sufficient damage; upon doing so, the Mii will fly away into the background, with a star appearing when it vanishes from view.
  • The Star KO is a reference to the Pokémon anime series, as when Team Rocket is defeated, they occasionally (but not always) get sent flying and shout "We're blasting off again!" before vanishing into a star.
  • In Smash 4, King Dedede's voice clip for being Star KO'd is actually longer than the time allotted for the Star KO animation.
  • Despite normally being mute, Samus, Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch have sounds for being Star K.O.'d; Samus makes an eerie echo, Duck Hunt yelps, and Mr. Game & Watch makes echoing beeps.

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