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This article is about Mega Man's appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the character in other contexts, see Mega Man.
Mega Man
in Super Smash Bros. 4
Mega Man
Universe Mega Man
Mega Man Joins the Battle!
—Introduction Tagline

Mega Man (ロックマン, Rockman) is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. 4. He was announced at Nintendo's E3 Direct Conference presentation for the game. It has been said that he does not widely use hand-to-hand combat, but relies on a large arsenal of weaponry. This is somewhat analogous to, but to a further extent than, Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Known moveset

Mega Man was shown using moves based on those he copied from defeated Robot Masters in his own series. The abilities shown are:

  • Hard Knuckle, his down aerial, is a projectile meteor smash.
  • Flame Sword, a quick forward aerial attack.
  • Slash Claw, a quick back aerial attack.
  • Super Arm, which is his regular grab.
  • Top Spin, his dash attack, causes Mega Man to quickly spin forwards on the ground, damaging whatever he touches.[1]
  • Up smash - Spark Shock, where Mega Man turns his hands into electrodes and creates a powerful electric shock above him.[1]
  • Down smash - Flame Blast, which creates 2 pillars of fire next to Mega Man, damaging foes. Consists of multiple hits.[1]
  • Side smash - Charge Shot, a projectile that Mega Man charges and fires, disappearing with distance.

Special moves

  • Neutral special move: Metal Blade is when Mega Man pulls out a saw blade that can be thrown in eight different directions. They blades can be picked up and tossed by other players as items.
  • Side special move: Crash Bomber. This is when Mega Man launches a projectile that sticks to opponents and explodes. Like the Gooey Bomb it can be transferred between characters.
  • Up special move: Rush Coil. Mega Man briefly summons his trusted dog, Rush, who acts similar to Sonic's Spring Jump. It seems that a second bounce will make Mega Man jump even higher than the first bounce. If the move is performed while Mega Man is grounded his opponents will also be able to bounce on Rush.
  • Down special move: Leaf Shield. Mega Man produces orbiting leaves that block projectiles and can later be fired forwards.

Final Smash

  • The classic Mega Man summons in four fellow incarnations of the Blue Bomber. All five charge their busters and perform a powerful merged energy shot. The summoned "Mega Men" are:
    • Mega Man X from Mega Man X
    • MegaMan.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network
    • Mega Man Volnutt from Mega Man Legends
    • Geo Stelar from Mega Man Star Force

Aside from these named abilities, other moves shown are:

  • The Mega Buster, a rapid-fire weak projectile that can be fired while standing, running, or jumping.
  • A sliding kick, his down tilt, slides a reasonable distance.
  • The Mega Upper from Marvel vs. Capcom, his up tilt, is a jumping uppercut, based on the Shoryuken from the Street Fighter series.

In a demonstration battle between Mega Man and Mario, Mega Man can be seen to use a couple other moves[2]:

  • Air Shooter, his up aerial attack, used to fire a tornado upwards.
  • What appears to be a taunt, where Mega Man warps out and immediately back on the stage, similar to his warping animation in the classic Mega Man games.

Gameplay Trailer



  • Mega Man is shown to have a slightly different KO explosion, the only character shown so far in Smash 4 to have this feature. Instead of just a single blast of the color of the player port, he also splits into blue orbs in a similar fashion to when he loses all of his health or lands on spikes/lava in Mega Man and Mega Man 2.
  • The promotional poster artwork of Mega Man used on the Smash 4 website mirrors the style of several Mega Man game covers and posters, such as the Japanese Mega Man 7 boxart, in which Mega Man stands in front of a group of allies and/or Robot Masters with the main antagonist looking over from the top.
    • Mega Man's artwork used on the website was illustrated by Ryuji Higurashi of Capcom.