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This article is about Mega Man's appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the character in other contexts, see Mega Man.
Mega Man
in Super Smash Bros. 4
Mega Man
Universe Mega Man
Availability Starter
Final Smash "Rockman Special" japan
Mega Man Joins the Battle!
—Introduction Tagline

Mega Man (ロックマン, Rockman) is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. 4. He was announced at Nintendo's E3 Direct Conference presentation for the game. It has been said that he does not widely use hand-to-hand combat, but relies on his large arsenal of weaponry. This is somewhat analogous to, but to a further extent than, Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Name Damage Description
Neutral attack Mega Buster 2% per pellet Mega Man fires up to three shots from his arm cannon. The shots have limited range. He lacks a proper forward tilt and neutral air due to his ability to shoot while walking forwards or jumping.
Forward tilt Mega Buster 2% per pellet Behaves identically to Mega Man's neutral attack, except Mega Man fires while running forwards.
Up tilt Mega Upper 12% A jumping uppercut. Based on the move of the same name from "Marvel vs. Capcom", which is itself a tribute to the Shoryuken from the Street Fighter series.
Down tilt Slide Kick 8% sweetspot, 5% sourspot A sliding kick attack. Mega Man moves approximately 4 character lengths forward with this move.
Dash attack Top Spin 11% if all hits connect Mega Man boosts forwards while spinning, damaging whatever he touches. [1] Based on Top Man's weapon from Mega Man 3.
Forward smash Charge Shot 12-20% Mega Man charges his buster before firing out a massive projectile. Like Mega Buster, this shot disappears after traveling a moderate distance.
Up smash Spark Shock 15-18% if all hits connect Mega Man turns his hands into electrodes, creating a powerful multi-hitting ball of electricity above him. [1] Based on Spark Man's weapon from Mega Man 3.
Down smash Flame Blast 17-24% Mega Man creates two flaming pillars on either side of him, which launch the opponent upwards. [1] This move has very long endlag. Based on Flame Man's weapon from Mega Man 6.
Neutral aerial Mega Buster 2% per pellet Behaves identically to Mega Man's neutral attack, except Mega Man fires while falling in the air.
Forward aerial Flame Sword 9% sweetspot, 5% sourspot A quick overhead slash from a flaming sword. Based on Sword Man's weapon from Mega Man 8.
Back aerial Slash Claw Hits twice; 5% per hit Mega Man quickly turns around and swipes at the air behind him. Based on Slash Man's weapon from Mega Man 7.
Up aerial Air Shooter 9% first hit, 1% otherwise Mega Man fires a mini tornado straight above him. The tornado travels a fair distance, pulling in anyone who touches it. Based on Air Man's weapon from Mega Man 2.
Down aerial Hard Knuckle 14% sweetspot, 12% sourspot Mega Man shoots his fist straight downwards, as a projectile. This move is a meteor smash. Based on Hard Man's weapon from Mega Man 3.
Grab Super Arm Mega Man grabs his opponent with one hand and lifts them over his head. Based on Guts Man's weapon from Mega Man.
Pummel Super Squeeze  ?% Mega Man squeezes his opponent with his Super Arm.
Forward throw 6% Throws the opponent forward.
Back throw 11% Throws the opponent into the ground.
Up throw 7% Throws the opponent upward.
Down throw 5% Throws the opponent downward.
Floor attack (front)  ?%
Floor attack (back)  ?%
Floor attack (trip) 5% Mega Man kicks both feet out while spinning.
Edge attack (fast) Edge Kick  ?% Mega Man jumps up and performs a kick in a similar fashion as his down tilt.
Edge attack (slow)  ?%
Neutral special Metal Blade Hits twice; 3% per hit when shot, 5% per hit when thrown A projectile that can be fired in one of eight different directions. The blade can be picked up and thrown by players like a regular item. Mega Man cannot throw another Metal Blade until his previous one disappears. Based on Metal Man's weapon from Mega Man 2.
Neutral special custom 1 Hyper Bomb 8% A bomb that can be throwed in 8 directions and it will explode in contact with the enemy, but it has a form of vertical movement, giving it an arcing motion. Based off of Bomb Man's weapon from Mega Man.
Neutral special custom 2 Shadow Blade 2% per hit Throws a shuriken that has boomerang effect, returning to the same position it was thrown from. It can be still thrown in 8 directions, but does not stick on the ground, and cannot be picked up either. Based off of Shadow Man's weapon from Mega Man 3.
Side special Crash Bomber 8% A projectile that latches on to any surface or player it touches. Much like a Gooey Bomb, it can be transferred between players. Unlike Mega Man's other projectiles, this one will not vanish until it hits the stage boundary. Based on Crash Man's weapon in Mega Man 2.
Side special custom 1 Ice Slasher 4% Fires a ice projectile that deals less damage than Crash Bomber, but it will pierces enemies and also freeze. Based off of Ice Man's weapon from Mega Man.
Side special custom 2 Danger Wrap 13% Fires a explosive wrapped in a bubble that floats upwards and it will explode if is in contact with the enemy. Based off of Burst Man's weapon from Mega Man 7.
Up special Rush Coil 0% Mega Man briefly summons his trusted dog, Rush, who acts similar to Sonic's Spring Jump. A second bounce will make Mega Man jump even higher than the first bounce. Other players will also be able to bounce on Rush, even if he's in the air. Based off of the Rush Coil from Mega Man 3.
Up special custom 1 Tornado Hold 1-2% per hit up to 6% Drops a fan on the ground that creates a tornado and pushes anyone caught in that tornado with vertical reach. It can be also used to combo into Flame Sword or Slash Claw. If used in midair, it causes the fan to fall as pushes Mega Man up. Based off of Tengu Man's weapon from Mega Man 8
Up special custom 2 Beat 0% Mega Man summons Beat, which he grabs onto as it lifts him upwards with great horizontal distance, but slwoer than Rush Coil.
Down special Leaf Shield 2% per leaf Mega Man produces leafs that orbit around him. The leafs block projectiles and can be fired forwards by pressing an attack button. Because of Stale-move negation, all leaves after the third will do only 1% damage. Based off of Wood Man's weapon from Mega Man 2.
Down special custom 1 Plant Barrier 3% when circling. 4% when thrown Produces petals the circles around him, the petals will not dissappear when hit, it will stay the entire duration of the move. It moves slighty slower than Leaf Shield. Based off of Plant Man's weapon from Mega Man 6.
Down special custom 2 Skull Barrier 0% Produces skulls that orbit around him. It does no damage at all, but it can reflect projectiles and travels less distance. Based off of Skull Man's weapon from Mega Man 4.
Final Smash Rockman Special 3% black hole bomb, 39% beam Mega Man fires a black hole bomb, which explodes in front of him. If anyone falls into it, the Final Smash begins. Mega Man is joined by Mega Man X, Mega Man.exe, Mega Man Volnutt, and Geo Stelar, who combine the strength of their respective busters to create one massive attack, targeting whoever fell into the black hole.


  • Up Taunt: Mega Man changes his outstretched hand into a cannon, then pumps his cannon fist.
  • Side Taunt: Mega Man spins around and strikes a pose with his back facing the camera.
  • Down Taunt: Mega Man warps out and immediately back on the stage, similar to his warping animation in the classic Mega Man games. [2]

Palette swaps

Mega Man Palette (SSB4).png

Gameplay Trailer



  • Mega Man is shown to have a slightly different KO explosion, the only character shown so far in Smash 4 (and, by extension, the entire series) to have this feature. Instead of just a single blast of the color of the player port, he also splits into blue orbs in a similar fashion to when he loses all of his health or lands on spikes/lava in Mega Man and Mega Man 2.
  • The promotional poster artwork of Mega Man used on the Smash 4 website mirrors the style of several Mega Man game covers and posters, such as the Japanese Mega Man 7 boxart, in which Mega Man stands in front of a group of allies and/or Robot Masters with the main antagonist looking over from the top.