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Titans of Smash, abbreviated ToS, is a crew based in southern New Jersey. They currently host the tournament "Clash of the Titans", and are preparing for the date of their first one. The crew is currently consisted of many members, and will expand more sometime in the near future. The roots of the crew are in south Jersey, but a few members are located in Philadelphia for part of/if not most of the time.

Their official thread on SmashBoards can be found here.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Members[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl members[edit]

  • meximadnez
  • chibo
  • Aztecking
  • ponchoman
  • talwind
  • kyuu
  • vex kasrani
  • dapuffster
  • FLIZZZ (also known as pimp-a-licious)
  • SQKIsiggy
  • Terrv
  • .com
  • africa
  • andyG
  • GOTM
  • rogue pit
  • ultimascout
  • xzax


All the members of the crew played smash together all the time. They held small tournaments at home, and participated in many gatherings locally as well. As they got more and more competitive, they decided they would like to make things more official and create a crew. Names were tossed around but finally they agreed on Titans of Smash, which was originally the idea of MexiMadnez.


Clash of the Titans[edit]

On November 24th, ToS will hold their first official tournament for the Smash community. Clash of the Titans will be held at Level Up Entertainment in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. They expect a big turnout and hope it brings much success. If it does, ToS is hoping to continue these tournaments monthly, and hopes to attract more than just the local community, and maybe even try and reach out to the regional community.

For more information, see their tournament thread available here.

Member information[edit]

Member statistics[edit]

  • Number of Members: 20
  • Number of Pending Members: 1
  • Latest Member: AndyG
  • Number of State Power Ranked Players: 5
  • Number of Regional Power Ranked Players: 0
  • Number of Branches: 3
  • Number of NJ Branch Members: 9
  • Number of PA Branch Members: 10
  • Number of FL Branch Members: 1
  • Number of Former Members: 8
  • Most Recent Former Member: Lol_Master
  • Most Forum Posts: ChiboSempai (3,395 as of 11/13/08)
  • Youngest Member: Xzax (13 as of 11/13/08)
  • Oldest Member: UltimaScout (26 as of 11/13/08)
  • Number of True Melee Members: 11
  • Number of True Brawl Members: 15
  • Amount of Different True Melee Mains: 8 (Samus, Fox, Falco, Ice Climbers, Marth, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Peach)
  • Amount of Different True Brawl Mains: 12 (ROB, Bowser, Diddy Kong, Falco, Pokemon Trainer, Donkey Kong, Marth, Meta Knight, Pikmin and Olimar, Pit, Peach)
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