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Tactics R 3 Gdlk (possible misspelling of "Tactics are too Godlike"), generally abbreviated to tR3g (pronounced "treg") is a SSB64 crew of Fox specialists lead by The Z, Hipstur and LD. The crew consists of some of the top Fox mains in the world as well as promising apprentices looking to pioneer techniques and advance the metagame. It is currently considered the #1 crew.

It was previously known as TR2G (Tactics R 2 Good).


TR2G was created in the summer of 2009 by The Z as a parody crew after he was kicked from Prophetic Tactics, his former crew. Despite this, it ironically recruited some of the top online smashers. Zenyore later left and joined PPS, and the clan quickly became inactive.

In December of 2013, The Z chose to revive the crew, which now only consists of Fox players.


2015 Lineup[edit]

Nametag Location Main Status
The Z Montreal, QC Canada FoxHeadSSB.png Founder
Hipstur Reno, NV USA FoxHeadSSB.png Lead member
LD MD/VA USA FoxHeadSSB.png Lead member
EmmiZhang Melbourne, Vic Australia FoxHeadSSB.png Inactive
Fays Amsterdam, NH Netherlands FoxHeadSSB.png Inactive
Roman Winnipeg, MA Canada FoxHeadSSB.png Active
Umbra Hampton, VA USA FoxHeadSSB.png Active
UnReal Scarborough, ON Canada FoxHeadSSB.png Inactive

Previous generation (TR2G)[edit]

Nametag Location Main
Charmander ? YoshiHeadSSB.png
Garuda Southern California USA CaptainFalconHeadSSB.png
ShadeMoneh New York City, NY USA FoxHeadSSB.png

External links[edit]

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