Samus's extended grapple

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Samus' extended grapple

Samus' extended grapple is a technique in Super Smash Bros. Melee that allows Samus to extend the length of her grab.


Samus can extend the length of her Grapple Beam if the player presses Z, then up, down, and up on the control pad, then Z again. This combo must be inputted between frames 8-39 of the grab (the part of the grab before the grapple becomes visible). If successful, the Grapple Beam will extend to approximately 3 times its normal length. It can also home onto opponents by pressing L when she pulls it out. However, unlike the normal Grapple Beam, one needs to press A or Z when the tip of the beam is over the enemy in order to grab them. These effects will remain after doing the necessary inputs until Samus loses a stock.

This technique was removed in the PAL version of Melee.

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