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The websites of the original Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee are only available in Japanese, and their contents have remained largely a mystery for a large part of series history. The Twelve and Twenty-Six Translation Project is SmashWiki's initiative to translate these websites.

Why translate those old pages?[edit]

Just as the Brawl''s Dojo!! has provided numerous bits of information and official names of techniques, the websites of SSB64 and Melee contain equally valuable information for their respective games. For example, a look at the SSB64 website reveals that two attacks can clang if they deal within 10 damage, which differs from the value of 9 used in later games; it also reveals that the term "meteor smash" was in use since the beginning. However, even a web translation of these pages returns rather disconnected and hard-to-understand information, especially since the results are interpreted literally and video-game specific terms are often not understood.

Project setup[edit]

The structure of translating these sites is to create one page for each page, essentially duplicating the sites' structures. Therefore, the process of translating will be:

  • Create a page at either SmashWiki:12TP/PlausibleName (SSB64 pages) or SmashWiki:26TP/PlausibleName (SSBM pages).
  • At the top of the page, provide a link to the original page.
  • Do not directly link to images. Instead, upload them onto the wiki, or simply use a short text description of the image. If the image is entirely text or mostly text with some simple shapes, consider replicating them with HTML and CSS instead.
  • Link to other translated pages (if they exist), just like the links on the original sites.
  • If you don't translate the entirety of a page, then paste in the bits you haven't translated in the original Japanese.

HTML conversion[edit]

These sites are over a decade old, and as a result use HTML that has since been deprecated or may not display correctly on all browsers. In addition, raw HTML should generally not be used in wiki pages. As a result, much of the original pages' code should be upgraded and converted into wikicode.

If you are okay with translating a new page but do not feel comfortable with updating the formatting, don't worry about it. You may place only the text on the page with minimal formatting and a more able user will format it later. It would be appreciated if you also left <!--HTML comments--> with markers such as "blue text starts here".

Use the following as a guideline for converting from old syntax to new:

  • <p>...</p> should be removed and replaced with line breaks.
  • <table> and <img> should be convereted into their wikicode equivalents.
  • <center></center> should be replaced with <div style="text-align:center"></div> or similar.
  • <blockquote></blockquote> should be replaced with <div class="blockquote"></div>.
  • In table headers, border=1 should be replaced with class="border-1", with a matching number.
  • <font> tags should be converted into <span style=""> tags where possible.
    • Note that at the time, browsers did not inherit font styles down through table elements. So if a table is -1 and a cell is also -1, this does not mean the cell is a combined -2, but rather they are both just -1.
    • There is no standard way to convert from <font size=#> to <span style="font-size:#">. These numbers seem accurate in most cases. (
      • -2 (1): 0.625em
      • -1 (2): 0.825em
      • +0 (3): 1.0em
      • +1 (4): 1.125em
      • +2 (5): 1.5em
      • +3 (6): 2.0em
      • +4 (7): 3.0em




Source websites[edit]