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Jigglypuff (SSB)/Back throw

Hitbox visualization of Jigglypuff's back throw.


Jigglypuff slams its opponent backwards. It is a fairly standard back throw, dealing 16%, having high knockback and being a reliable KO move. It can KO Mario at 124% at the center of Dream Land and at 91% when used at the ledge. The throw is not particularly fast although it is particularly slow either. It is overall a solid back throw although it is nothing outstanding.

Throw DataEdit

Bone Damage Angle BK KS FKV Effect
Throw bn! 16%   70 70 0  
Release bn! 6%   10 100 0  


Invincibility 4-23
Throw Release 24
Animation length 49
Legend (1 square = 1 frame)
Lag time
Throw point

Similar movesEdit