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Coyote jump is an advanced technique in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that involves jumping in a specific way which allows characters to bypass jump squat and act faster than intended.


All characters have a jump and at least one double jump in the game. All characters have a 3 frame jumping animation before they are considered airborne and actionable, called jump squat, with the exception of Kazuya who has 7 frames. On the other hand, jumps while in midair have no such limitation and are actionable instantly. There is no intended way to bypass jump squat while jumping from the ground. However, if a player were to jump the exact frame their character walks or runs off an edge, they can achieve a jump that has the height of a regular jump, but without any jump squat like a mid-air jump, dubbed the coyote jump.

This technique is incredibly useful for combo potential, particularly offstage. Characters can save on frames essential for linking attacks together, turning otherwise unsafe combo routes true, all without sacrificing a mid-air jump. However, the technique requires frame perfect timing to execute consistently, and players might be put at a disadvantage if said timing is off by either being slower than anticipated or wasting a jump.

Short coyote jumpEdit

A short coyote jump has roughly the same result as the regular coyote jump, but is achieved a different way. This version involves fast falling off an edge, then inputting jump within a very strict window of time. The character again bypasses jump squat, but travels a very small amount of vertical distance, even less than a minimum short hop. This version is effective for edgeguarding, particularly with 2-frame punishes and greatly expanded mix up potential at the edge. However, just like the regular coyote jump, nearly frame perfect execution is required to consistently perform the technique.