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These people are very important to the Smash community for their accomplishments with organizing and hosting tournaments, and play a major role in why the competitive scene is able to even exist in the first place. To merit being categorized here, a tournament organizer must have one or more of the following attributes:

  • The TO founded and directed especially prestigious events, such as a long running major series.
  • The TO is primarily responsible for the birth and growth of a significant Smash scene, such as by organizing the first large scale tournaments in a broader Smash region.
  • The TO is the backbone of a significant Smash scene, such as by organizing a long series of staple regionals, without which a broader Smash region would have its tournament activity severely diminished.
  • The TO otherwise has an exceptional resume with TOing or helping to TO events.

It should additionally be noted that this category is based strictly on TOing accomplishments, it does not factor in someone's playing career, commentating, or any other non-playing contributions. Similarly, it does not factor in any controversies against the TOs within it; this category is not meant to honor anyone, its purpose is to catalog the most important tournament organizers in Smash's history.

For a TO to be added to this category, they must undergo a formal vote, as what one may consider "VIP" is highly subjective. If you wish to propose adding someone to this category, the procedure is as follows:

  • Make a post proposing the TO on this category's talk page, on the talk page of the proposed TO's Smasher article, or simply in SmashWiki's Discord server.
  • A residing administrator will review the proposal, and if they believe there is any slight chance it could pass, they'll formally conduct the vote. However, they can veto conducting any vote at all if they believe it failing is a forgone conclusion.
  • The formal voting will take place in the #voting channel on the aforementioned Discord server, to ensure the vote does not get disrupted by people from outside the wiki or by users with insufficient competitive knowledge.
  • In order for a proposal to pass, there must be at least a 2/3rds supermajority in support and at least five support votes.
  • If a TO fails a vote, they may not be proposed again until at least one year has passed since.
  • In the scenario where a user believes a TO doesn't belong in this category and so wishes to propose removing them, this same procedure applies.
  • Any additions to or removals from this category that do not follow this procedure will be immediately reverted, and users who repeatedly try to subvert this procedure will be reprimanded.

Unlike normal wiki procedure, this process is a straight vote, though the residing administrator or any other user may question another user's voting rationale if it's inconsistent with their prior voting or nonsensical in general, and if they fail to provide a sound argument for their vote, they could have their vote dismissed if it would affect the outcome. For one final note, all proposals and voting should be based only on what the TO has already achieved, there should be no assumption on the TO's future activity, including scheduled tournaments that have not occurred yet; TOs can run into issues hosting tournaments or go inactive for a myriad of reasons, and so don't propose nor vote for TOs that haven't already built a VIP resume on the basis of assuming they'll maintain or exceed their current TOing activity.

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