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Shadowclaw is an influential Mewtwo combo video created by the famous Mewtwo professional Taj. The video is named after Mewtwo's forward aerial. It popularized several Mewtwo techniques in modern gameplay, such as planking on the ledge with Teleport and jumping off an edge while charging a Shadow Ball to edgeguard.

Impact and legacyEdit

Although Taj was always known as a good Mewtwo player, the video solidified his reputation as one of the best for years to come. Being a rare character in Melee's competitive scene, high-level Mewtwo gameplay was near-impossible to find; thus, the original video set a standard for players learning the character and assisted in growing its playerbase. Since then, the combo video has become a classic.

In response to Shadowclaw's success, various sequels have been released. Shadowclaw 2, released in 2008, played upon the techniques shown in the original video. In 2009, Shadowclaw Free was released, albeit being more of a tech skill video than a combo video. A teaser for Shadow Claw IV was released on Taj's channel in 2010, but the final product was never realised. Over 10 years later, with the release of Project Slippi, Taj returned to making combo videos, releasing Shadow Claw Three: TWO in July 2020.


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