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Brawl mains Link, Samus
Other Brawl
Meta Knight, Captain Falcon
Melee mains Link, Mewtwo
Other Melee
C. Falcon
Skill SmashBrosSymbol.svg Above Average
ZeldaSymbol.svg LADIES & GENTS! Come to the Smash Arena and vote on Round 238: Tingle vs. Isabelle! AnimalCrossingSymbol.svg

Hello i am User:Zeldasmash and i am a smasher. As my user name says, i love using Zelda characters in Melee and Brawl. Ganondorf is the one of the Zelda few Zelda characters i don't like because of his Twilight Princess role in which he killed Midna. though in Melee he is a great character and in Brawl i am doing pretty well with (that dose not change that he is the worst character in Brawl). I am an above average player who has fought many human battle and i love challenges so you can fight me anytime. I have done certain helps to some users, especially User:Doc King. I helped him with his 3rd Recovery Tier List. User:PSIWolf i made his competency chart model. I also did a competency chart model for User:Lucasthefourth.


I'm a Link fan and wants to be a pro and possibly the best Brawl Link ever. I've had experience with other players (including Omega Tyrant) but I am not as good as him. I am trying to perfect Link's Gale Lag Cancel technique (I named it myself) so Link cant have high lag in his Ending Blow dair. My crew gave me the award below for my excellent gameplay in the crew and for being the best Link in it. I have won almost every match and challenge with Link.

Relationships with Other users[edit]

Doc King: One of my best friends on the wiki. Doc King may be somewhat of a nuisance but he is very talented in making competency tables and ordinary tables. He is an excellent player using Top Tiers and High Tiers, especially King Dedede and Falco. He was by 2nd easiest opponent to 2nd hardest for me to beat (though i have been recently getting a lot better against his charaacters).

Omega Tyrant: We get along pretty well. In my opinion, he is the smartest user around (tied with Toomai) and did many good creations in the wiki such as the Momentum Canceling chart and the Smash charts. The hardest to beat out of all the opponents i faced online. He formerly mained Dedede, but now mains Snake (who i find more intimidating than his Dedede)

Megatron1: Problematic at some times but we get along well. He mains Ike.

My Tier Lists[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Matchups
  Gk MrGame&WatchHeadSSBB.png FoxHeadSSBB.png Sa Ky Goy Tad MetaKnightHeadSSBB.png MR Ri MewtwoHeadSSBM.png ER CL ToonLinkHeadSSBB.png LinkHeadSSBB.png MarioHeadSSBB.png LucarioHeadSSBB.png SonicHeadSSBB.png Ryu ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSBB.png Knx SamusHeadSSBB.png CaptainFalconHeadSSBB.png BM Tls LuigiHeadSSBB.png PeachHeadSSBB.png MM Wa PikachuHeadSSBB.png NessHeadSSBB.png LucasHeadSSBB.png JigglypuffHeadSSBB.png SnakeHeadSSBB.png KirbyHeadSSBB.png YoshiHeadSSBB.png WarioHeadSSBB.png Avg.  
SSBB tiers
SS   S A B
1   2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Link never went down below his current spot (though had 2 close calls with Samus). He is the character i have most experience with, the one i feel more comfortable with and my playstyle suits him perfectly. Link online is my most successful character and offline as well. Link is just too good for me that he was better than the other characters by a gap.   Samus appealed me since the beginning. Samus never went below the number 7th spot and never will because her attributes suit my playstyle very well and i feel very comfortable using her. Meta Knight always has been a true main since the beginning of my Brawl career. I feel very comfortable using Meta Knight and is my most successful Kirby series character in Smash career. Suprisingly i use Captain Falcon really well despite his great nerfs. Falcon is my least successful character online (though he had some wins) but i feel very comfortable using Falcon and my playstyle suits very well. I honestly have to say that my Falcon and Havoc's Falcon are equal in skill (god i hope he feels better). Fox has always been a true main in my Smash career (though i cant quite use him well in SSB). Fox has always been high tier in Brawl and always will be, but he is one of the easiest characters to kill due to his vulnerability to locks and chains. If Fox did not have these flaws, Fox and Meta Knight would share a tier in my competency chart. One of my most significantly underrated characters. Marth had many tier changes. He first started out as mid tier, than he went to high tier, dropped back to mid tier than became a low tier. Because of his previous low position, i had to try Marth out, then after just a few matches, he became a very used character and managed to be at the very top 10. Marth is successful online and became on of my highest ranked characters since then. The new and improved GAW in Brawl from the garbage one in Melee. GAW first started out as mid tier and then became high-top tier due to his amazing moveset and smash set (one of the best imo). GAW is moderately successful online and had wins against Havoc, Doc King, Ivy and close calls against OmegaTyrant and Mega. GAW never was a low tier in Brawl and never will. Wolf was an odd character at first due to his constant high tier and mid tier placings, but it was clear he was high tier after a few matches offline and online. Wolf suits my playstyle well and has a great moveset, but his recovery sucks due to his UpB's severe angular issues.He is still a good character, nevertheless. A very good character and used to be a true main before characters like Marth, GAW and Wolf were improving. Falco's chain grab is plain awesome and can easily set up a kill. Falco has very poor vertical recovery and can easily be gimped because of it. Although like Wolf, Falco is still a good character and will be a true high tier in the future. Mario is like always a balanced character and i always used him well in all the Smash games. Despite his killing problem, Mario can still edgeguard well, can pull of a few combos and suits my playstyle well adding to the fact i am comfortable using Mario in every single game he is in. DK was not a true main until i defeated Doc King's Dedede with him (a matchup DK is always "supposed" to lose). DK is one of the best killers in game and has one of the best horizontal recoveries in the game, though at the cost as being one of the easiest characters in the game to gimp (oh why have i heard that somewhere before ;) ). DK is a great character overall and will probably be still in the high leagues if he keeps it up. Snake is the strongest of my high tiers. Snake's C4 is rather unpredictable and is overall an amazing character. Snake was inspired by OmegaTyrant's Snake. R.O.B. was an unusual character in the beginning. R.O.B was never below 15th and became high tier after many matches. But after characters like Marth and DK started making comebacks, R.O.B. became significantly overshadowed than other high tier character, lowering his high tier rank. R.O.B. will still be high tier if other characters dont become successful as R.O.B. Kirby is definitely a way better character than the garbage Kirby in Melee (god he was terrible). Kirby was never ranked so high and was high tier in very few occasions (like 2 iirc). Kirby was a mid tier because he was shadowed by characters like Luigi and Yoshi. Kirby made a comeback as a high tier after months and nearly over a year being shadowed.
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
YoshiIcon(SSBB).png LucarioIcon(SSBB).png KingDededeIcon(SSBB).png IkeIcon(SSBB).png LuigiIcon(SSBB).png OlimarIcon(SSBB).png ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSBB).png SonicIcon(SSBB).png GanondorfIcon(SSBB).png PitIcon(SSBB).png DiddyKongIcon(SSBB).png SheikIcon(SSBB).png ZeldaSheikIcon(SSBB).png IceClimbersIcon(SSBB).png NessIcon(SSBB).png
      F G      
      30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38      
      PokémonTrainerIcon(SSBB).png PikachuIcon(SSBB).png BowserIcon(SSBB).png ToonLinkIcon(SSBB).png LucasIcon(SSBB).png PeachIcon(SSBB).png WarioIcon(SSBB).png ZeldaIcon(SSBB).png JigglypuffIcon(SSBB).png      

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Ready, aim, FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

Link matchup chart[edit]

Mirror matchup Big advantage Advantage Even Disadvantage Big disadvantage

Link matchups
LinkIcon(SSBB).png Link LucarioIcon(SSBB).png Lucario 60:40 SonicIcon(SSBB).png Sonic 60:40 NessIcon(SSBB).png Ness 60:40
SamusIcon(SSBB).png Samus 50:50 MrGame&WatchIcon(SSBB).png Mr. Game & Watch 60:40 DonkeyKongIcon(SSBB).png Donkey Kong 65:35 IceClimbersIcon(SSBB).png Ice Climbers 65:35
MetaKnightIcon(SSBB).png Meta Knight 50:50 SheikIcon(SSBB).png Sheik 55:45 PitIcon(SSBB).png Pit 55:45 WarioIcon(SSBB).png Wario 65:35
FoxIcon(SSBB).png Fox 50:50 IkeIcon(SSBB).png Ike 60:40 YoshiIcon(SSBB).png Yoshi 60:40 BowserIcon(SSBB).png Bowser 70:30
CaptainFalconIcon(SSBB).png Captain Falcon 60:40 KirbyIcon(SSBB).png Kirby 55:45 JigglypuffIcon(SSBB).png Jigglypuff 65:35 OlimarIcon(SSBB).png Olimar 60:40
FalcoIcon(SSBB).png Falco 50:50 ZeldaIcon(SSBB).png Zelda 65:35 PokémonTrainerIcon(SSBB).png Pokémon Trainer 60:40 DiddyKongIcon(SSBB).png Diddy Kong 60:40
WolfIcon(SSBB).png Wolf 55:45 MarthIcon(SSBB).png Marth 55:45 CharizardIcon(SSBB).png Charizard 65:35 GanondorfIcon(SSBB).png Ganondorf 75:25
SnakeIcon(SSBB).png Snake 65:35 ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSBB).png Zero Suit Samus 60:40 IvysaurIcon(SSBB).png Ivysaur 75:25 LucasIcon(SSBB).png Lucas 65:35
MarioIcon(SSBB).png Mario 60:40 LuigiIcon(SSBB).png Luigi 60:40 SquirtleIcon(SSBB).png Squirtle 55:45 ToonLinkIcon(SSBB).png Toon Link 75:25
ROBIcon(SSBB).png R.O.B. 50:50 KingDededeIcon(SSBB).png King Dedede 55:45 PikachuIcon(SSBB).png Pikachu 65:35 PeachIcon(SSBB).png Peach 80:20


LinkIcon(SSBB).png This user is thinks this guys PWNS!!!.
MewtwoIcon(SSBM).png This user is terribly upset about this guy not being in Brawl.
CaptainFalconIcon(SSBB).png This user likes F-Zero.

Art Gallery[edit]

I currently made 5 images in a online image editor. One of them being my smasher beta.

ZeldasmashLinkHeadSSB4-U.png 00:56, September 18, 2010 (UTC)