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Toon Link
in Project M
Toon Link SSBB.jpg
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Toon Link (SSBB), Young Link (SSBM), Link (SSB)
Alternate costume Outset Toon Link

Toon Link is one of the many playable characters in the Brawl mod Project M. His moveset is heavily altered from Brawl, mixing in elements from both Young Link's and Smash 64 Link's movesets.


Toon Link's alternate costume, Outset Toon Link.

Changes from Brawl to PM[edit]

  • Buff.png Jab combo hits connect slightly better, and the third hit is an upwards slice which moves you a slight distance foward giving Toon Link slightly higher mobility.
  • Buff.png Forward tilt is slightly faster and does more damage and KOs more reliably.
  • Buff.png Down tilt is now a crouching stab reminiscent of the shield-stab from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, and can meteor smash if a character is hit with the tip of the sword.
  • Buff.png Down smash is no longer a linking attack, instead acting like a weaker version of Link's, but has a semi-spike angle that can still yield deadly KOs at high percents.
  • Buff.png New Forward smash resembles Link's from Smash 64. It has large range and is stronger than his Brawl forward smash.
  • Buff.png Forward aerial does slightly more damage, and does slightly higher knockback.
  • Buff.png Up air has slightly faster startup and does slightly more damage now doing and has knockback compensation from brawl.
  • Buff.png Down Air does slightly more damage and its knockback is dramatically increased on the ground and has the sword hilt sweetspot from Young Link in melee that has a fire effect, and is a powerful meteor smash.
  • Buff.png Grab has faster start-up, and less ending lag.
  • Buff.png Up throw does more damage.
  • Buff.png Boomerang does more damage closer up, and can be better angled.
  • Buff.png Arrows from Hero's Bow are set on fire, like Young Link's. After shot, they also stick in the ground for a few seconds to damage enemies, dealing weak damage with no knockback.
  • Buff.png Grounded Spin Attack has higher range and is better at damaging, possesing more hits that deal up to 25% if fully charged, similar to Young Link's. It can also be moved sideways depending on charge level like Wind Waker being a more powerful trapping, and the Aerial Spin Attack gives a single hit of strong damage, serving as a powerful KO move.
  • Buff.png Bombs hit up to four times each, now dealing up to 10% damage, and he can now have up to 3 bombos out at a time.
  • Buff.png Sword length slightly increased.
  • Buff.png Aerial glide tossing with a bomb and Spin attacking into it gives him a stronger recovery.
  • Buff.png Improved tether recovery properties make his zair more effective for recovery.
  • Buff.png Dash attack is now a fast stab forward akin to Link's in Smash 64, but with better initial dashing speed. It has a semi-spike trajectory with drastically increased knockback, being better at KOing and approaching than his previous dash attack.
  • Buff.png New Down taunt that acts like Young Link's. If Toon Link is not interrupted during the drinking portion, it heals 3%.
  • Nerf.png New Down tilt deals slightly less damage than the old one and has overall more lag.
  • Nerf.png New Forward smash has slower start-up and has less damage potential.
  • Nerf.png Down smash hits don't link with each other causing less damage racking potential.
  • Nerf.png Neutral air's hitboxes no longer extend behind Toon Link.
  • Nerf.png Boomerang does slightly less damage from a distance.
  • Nerf.png Aerial Spin Attack is a much weaker recovery that has less horizontal and vertical distance acting like Smash 64 Link's recovery.
  • Nerf.png Arrows from Hero's Bow do slightly less damage and travel much less farther now, just barely covering over Final Destination's length.
  • Nerf.png Zair has more landing lag.
  • Notice.png Sword attacks now display actual slashing sound effects, like Link's.
  • Notice.png On-screen appearance revamped: the bomb explosion now occurs in midair, and Toon Link falls screaming into the ground face-first, getting up afterwards.
  • Notice.png Old down taunt moved to his side taunt.
  • Notice.png Up taunt's ending melody causes anyone in close proximity of Toon Link to be pushed back slightly, however it does not do any damage. This could be thought to simulate a "windy" effect from using his Wind Waker.



  • Nerf.png Up-B hitbox on the tip of his sword has been reduced very slightly in size
  • Notice.png Down-smash stats properly ported from Melee
  • Notice.png Forward-Air and Back-Air had very, very minor hitbox adjustments


  • Buff.png Forward-Smash has a lower trajectory and knockback growth is increased
  • Buff.png Forward-Air damage and hit duration slightly increased
  • Buff.png Down-Air hit duration and endlag in the air reduced
  • Buff.png Grounded Up-B adjusted so opponents cannot shield in the middle of the move
  • Buff.png Grounded Up-B damages adjusted to be more rewarding
  • Buff.png Aerial Up-B initial hit damage, knockback growth, and duration slightly increased
  • Nerf.png Forward-Smash is now SDIable
  • Nerf.png Neutral-B takes slightly longer to draw the arrow
  • Nerf.png Aerial Up-B hitboxes reduced in size slightly
  • Nerf.png Aerial Up-B late hit damage reduced
  • Notice.png Jab 2 and Jab 3 have a new animation similar to his Wind Waker slash sequence
  • Notice.png Forward-Tilt animation adjusted
  • Notice.png Down-Tilt tip meteor angle slightly adjusted, knockback growth greatly increased, and now has an electric effect
  • Notice.png Forward-Smash has a much longer hit duration, hitting earlier and slightly later in the animation
  • Notice.png Grab hand collision is larger like a normal grab, ends when the hookshot extends, and the chain is unable to grab airborne targets to prevent a standing chaingrab
  • Notice.png Forward-Throw angle increased
  • Notice.png Back-Throw angle lowered and base knockback increased
  • Notice.png Down-Throw knockback growth increased
  • Notice.png Boomerang speed, damage, and knockback adjusted
  • Notice.png Can pull up to 3 Bombs


  • Buff.png Back-Air has a more combo friendly angle and ends one frame sooner
  • Buff.png Forward-Throw reworked to offer potential reward when used
  • Buff.png Up-Throw reworked to offer potential reward when used
  • Notice.png Down-Tilt meteor uses the new "Light" hit element
  • Notice.png Side-B (boomerang) catch animation only occurs when Toon Link stands still
  • Notice.png Up-B damage, knockback, angle, and hitbox sizes all adjusted slightly: Shorter sweetspot, better middle hit, and a relevant "flub"


  • Buff.png Fast Fall Velocity increased
  • Buff.png Forward-Tilt now does more damage closer to the tip
  • Buff.png Up-Tilt has slightly less endlag
  • Buff.png Forward-Air has less startup
  • Buff.png Up-Throw has less endlag
  • Buff.png Up Special's last hitbox does more damage, with less hitlag and weaker SFX
  • Notice.png All sword attacks are now correctly clankable
  • Notice.png Forward-Tilt has slightly less base knockback on inside hits
  • Notice.png Forward-Tilt's knockback growth slightly increased on all hits
  • Notice.png Up-Tilt's base knockback increased and knockback growth lowered
  • Notice.png Up-Tilt's angle now increases closer to the tip
  • Notice.png Down-Air's hitboxes moved in to better center them around Toon Link/his sword
  • Notice.png Up-Throw's speed is now properly weight dependent
  • Notice.png Up Special's second hitbox lasts one less frame


  • Buff.png Forward throw causes more knockback.
  • Buff.png Down throw causes more knockback.
    • Buff.png It also has less startup lag.
  • Buff.png Boomerang does more damage if it is speetspotted.
  • Nerf.png Hitboxes on forward tilt are smaller.
  • Nerf.png Up-Smash reverted back to 2.0 up-smash (hits only once)
    • Nerf.png It now does less damage if it does not hit with the tip of the sword.
    • Nerf.png In addition, its knockback has been significantly decreased.
      • Buff.png However, it has higher knockback growth.
  • Nerf.png Forward aerial is worse, with more startup lag, less damage on arm and body hitboxes, and less knockback.
  • Nerf.png Down aerial causes less knockback.
  • Notice.png Neutral aerial changed to Brawl-inspired neutral aerial.


Up to date as of version 3.0.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 2% then 3% then 5% Toon Link swings his sword in a variety of directions.
Forward tilt 10% (body) 11% (blade) 12% (tip) Toon Link slashes from behind to in front of him. The beginning of the attack hits behind him. Decent for edge-guarding if the blast line is nearby.
Up tilt 9% Quick overhead swipe. Similar to his up smash, except slightly faster and less powerful. Covers a fairly large arc. Knockback is almost entirely vertical, and it is usually possible to chain multiple up tilts in succession on a low-damage enemy. Excellent for combining with aerial attacks and up smash.
Down tilt 9% (all hitboxes) Toon Link kneels and 'jabs' his sword outward. Has a hitbox on it's tip that applies an electric shock to the opponent and spikes them downward. Notably similar to Marth's down-tilt.
Dash attack 10% (clean), 8% (late) Toon Link runs forward with his sword in a stabbing stance. If sweetspotted, will send enemies in a fully horizontal trajectory.
Forward smash 16% Spins his sword once, followed by a spark and Toon Link throwing down his sword. Has decent horizontal knockback.
Up smash 15% (sweetspotted) 13% (sourspotted) Toon Link swings his sword above his head.
Down smash 13% (front) 12% (back) Toon Link quickly swings his sword to the left and right of him on the ground. First hit has higher knockback.
Neutral aerial 14% (first hit) 7% (second hit) Quickly slashes forward then backwards. Excellent SHFFL option, also good a shield pressure. Originally a combo move, can also kill at 140%.
Forward aerial 14% After a very brief delay, Toon Link slashes his sword in front of him. Good finisher.
Back aerial 10% Toon Link quickly slashes his sword behind him. Good combo move.
Up aerial 15% (clean) 12% (late) Toon Link holds his sword upwards.
Down aerial 17% (early), 14% (late) 8% (2nd hit) Toon Link grips onto the handle of his blade and falls downward with it under him. The hilt of the sword where Toon Link is holding it hides a hitbox that will apply a flame effect to the opponent and meteor smash them downwards. If an opponent is hit with one of the sword's hitboxes other than it's topmost hitbox, the player can 'bounce' off with the sword and hit multiple times, dealing lower damage and fixed, light knockback.
Grab aerial 4% Toon Link uses his hookshot in the air. It has a hitbox on it's tip. Good for spacing. Toon Link's zair can also be used while a bomb is held to cancel an airdodge, which also allows him to Tether recover with a Bomb.
Grab Toon Link uses his hookshot to grab opponents.
Pummel 3% Toon Link hits his opponents with his sword in his hand.
Forward throw 7% Toon Link shoves the opponent forward.
Back throw 7% Toon Link rolls backward and flings the opponent backward.
Up throw 9% Toon Link tosses his opponent upward. High base knockback.
Down throw 6% Toon Link pummels his opponent against the ground. Pops floaty to medium opponents for an easy follow-up with up-smash, aerial up-b, fair or bair.
Floor attack (front) 6% Two quick swipes to either side.
Floor attack (back) 6% Two quick swipes to either side.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Slashes in front of him and then behind him just like his floor attack.
Edge attack (fast) 8% Gets on the stage and slashes from head to toe.
Edge attack (slow) 10% Slowly gets up and stabs forward.
Neutral special Hero's Bow 6-11%, 3% (grounded arrows) Shoots fiery arrows that can be charged. The arrows linger onto the stage, dealing light, knockbackless damage to enemies who step on them.
Side special Boomerang 19% close, 7% during flight, 3% upon return Toon Link throws his trusty boomerang. Players can continue to use or B-reverse this move's animation when the boomerang is flying at will.
Up special Spin Attack 16%-24% (ground), 17%-8% (air) Toon Link spins around with his sword. When used on the ground, the player can maintain some degree of control over Toon Link and make him move left or right. Can be charged on the ground to increase strafing speed and damage. Good aerial finisher ; good out-of shield option as a pressure breaker.
Down special Bomb 12% total Toon Link pulls out a bomb. He can throw these bombs with the Control Stick or the C-Stick. He can also drop these bombs by inputing a Grab. If a bomb is dropped near the floor, it won't explode and other players can pick up these bombs. The blast radius is more similar to Young Link rather than Toon Link's Brawl appearance, in that the blast radius is quite small, and the bomb hits multiple times (dealing fewer damage the further the target is from the bomb's position upon exploding).
Final Smash Triforce Slash 5% trapping, 4% per slice (1-15 hits), 18% final slash (83% total) Traps the opponent and lays down a series of quick sword strikes before an impressive final blow.

In competitive play[edit]

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Alternate costume[edit]

Toon Link now has an alternate costume based on his Outset Island clothing from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. When using the alternate costume, Toon Link wears a patterned light blue tunic instead of his normal blue one and no cap. He also uses the Hero's Sword given to him by the island's swordsman instead of the Master Sword. This costume has two recolors so that it can be used in Team Battles.

Toon Link's alternate costumes in PM
ToonLinkHeadSSBB.png ToonLinkHeadRedSSBB.png ToonLinkHeadBlueSSBB.png ToonLinkHeadPurpleSSBB.png ToonLinkHeadBrownSSBB.png ToonLinkHeadBlackSSBB.png
ToonLinkHeadOutsetPM.png ToonLinkHeadOutsetGreenPM.png ToonLinkHeadOutsetRedPM.png


  • In 3.0, Toon Link's costume had an odd hole in his head, and crashed the game when a Metal Box was used.
  • Toon Link's pajama recolors seem to reference the three goddesses of the Triforce:
    • Blue is based off Nayru, who represents Wisdom.
    • Green is based off Farore, who represent Courage (and whose symbol appears on the front).
    • Red is based off Din, who represents Power.

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