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Team:Titans of Smash

Titans of Smash, abbreviated ToS, was a crew based in southern New Jersey. The roots of the crew were in south New Jersey, but a few members were located in Philadelphia. The crew's name was coined by MexiMadnez. All the members of the crew played Smash together frequently, held small tournaments at home, and participated in many gatherings locally as well. On a larger scale, Titans of Smash hosted the Clash of the Titans tournament series.

Former membersEdit

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Super Smash Bros. Melee membersEdit

Super Smash Bros. Brawl membersEdit

  • meximadnez
  • chibo
  • Aztecking
  • ponchoman
  • talwind
  • kyuu
  • vex kasrani
  • dapuffster
  • FLIZZZ (also known as pimp-a-licious)
  • SQKIsiggy
  • Terrv
  • .com
  • africa
  • andyG
  • GOTM
  • rogue pit
  • ultimascout
  • xzax

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