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Knockback is a measure of how far an attack sends its target, with the amount of knockback a player receives increasing as their damage accrues. For example, Bowser's forward smash is an attack of high knockback; it launches opponents very far, so far that at extreme high damages it's more powerful than a Home-Run Bat's smash attack. Pikachu's neutral attack, on the other hand, has very low knockback - it hardly sends opponents anywhere, even at ludicrous damages. In addition to damage, how much knockback a character sustain is primarily determined by their weight, with heavier characters sustaining less knockback, though factors such as gravity can also play a role in determining knockback received. There are two values of knockback; base knockback, which is how much knockback is dealt at 0% damage, and knockback scaling, which is how much an attack's knockback increases as damage is accrued. Some attacks also have set knockback, where the attack will always deal the same knockback regardless of the opponent's damage. (more...)

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