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Ganondorf, Falco
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I joined the community in October of 2009, shortly after my purchase of Brawl. It seems like so long ago. I've played Smash 64 and Melee prior to it, however Brawl was the first game that I actually owned. I got the other two later on. I've used my knowledge to contribute to the site, and I became familiar with the community over time, particularly over the useful the irc channel for Wifi matches, conversations, or engage in Toom's IRC mafia game. Anyway, over the course of my membership, I've acquired Rollback before and after the big move, added movesets for Melee characters, expanded plenty of articles in general, and lots of tidying. Will I ever step up and apply for admin? Perhaps someday.

Over the years I've made various subpages. I have made a list of what I would consider to be Bad SSB4 Suggestions, I have made a list explaining emoticons, called Emoticonolgy, I have my own Userboxes page, and finally, I've been working on a Glossary for SmashWiki, feel free to add to it!

Smash 4 Thoughts[edit]


  • "MEGA MAN MEGA MAN!" -- Arin Hanson
  • The Villager is so out of the blue. I mean, I honestly thought those proposed movesets for him would really go nowhere. But, yeah, he's a thing now.
  • Bowser and Yoshi's redesigns will take some getting used to. Though it makes sense for a fighter.
  • I think they gave Link a recovery?
  • I, for one, very adamantly feel that a certain bounty hunter is way over-sexualized. You get it? Cuz Samus and Falcon both hunt bounties? And giving Samus high heels isn't a gender issue at all and everyone who even thinks its a problem in the slightest should return to femmi-nazi island?
  • On 3DS, EVERYONE gets cel shading, which can be adjusted. So Toon Link gets an art style on top of his art style? Also, colored cel shading for team battles is a good idea.
  • Wii Fit trainer seems to be the "Obligatory character no one wanted" for the game and I think she's awesome.
  • Good to see an accurate Ike. Actually makes sense now. Also, hoping he continues fighting for his friends.
  • Little Mac seems to be the next Link from Brawl -- excellent ground game, horrible recovery, very fun to play, probably won't get too far in tiers.


  • I think Wily's stage will be a quick favorite.
  • I like the modified AC stage, instead of one platform moving, it's two.
  • The Skyward Sword level seems inspired by Delfino. I never really liked Delfino.
  • The Spirit Tracks level seems like it will be a quick "Remove from random stages" kind of stage.
  • Gerudo will be one of those "Awesome music but OK stage" kind of levels.
  • Of course, Nintendogs gets a stage.
  • Well, the Pilotwings stage sure doesn't look like Wii Sports. I mean, why exactly did that crossover happen? Anyway, yeah, combat based on one or two planes? Not buying it.


  • A title would be nice.
  • Please, differentiate the returning characters from Brawl. Bowser seems excellent, Mario seems like a copy and paste. Game devs today get grilled for recycling content, but even putting that aside, some new moves would be awesome.
  • A demo. In particular, one that could show off the local and wifi multiplayer. I'm excited to see that the Wii U has wifi, a huge step up from the lack of an online mode from Brawl.
  • Dixie Kong. I mean, if the Wii Fit girl and Villager both got in, why not a character who is returning for DKCR 2 and is in an ACTION BASED GAME?!
  • On a similar note, a new DK stage inspired by DKCR2. Sunset level?
  • Don't overpower newcomers just to promote people to use them. I'm looking at you, Mega Man.
  • If you're gonna put in Arena Ferox from Chrom's game... why... not... Chrom... Well, would you look at the time?
  • For 3DS:
    • Consistent 60 fps, hoping promises are kept on this one.
    • XL Support! For me, I've noticed that Monster Hunter 3U on 3DS pixelates the game a bit -- normally it's not too big of an issue but when the text comes up on screen there's noticeable blur which makes it hard to read. Not cool. Keep both models in mind, big screen difference.
    • Online multiplayer. The 3DS can handle 7 other MK7 players, so why not 3 other Smash players?
  • For Wii U: Online multiplayer. The Wii U can handle... well... how much better than Wii? Most Wii U online multiplayer games seem to be 2 player based, and I would love to see how much better or worse the Wii U handles a frantic 4 player HD online multiplayer game. If there's an online tournament mode I'd be impressed.

E3 Reactions[edit]

  • Y2xVpxM.png
  • 597CkQP.png
  • Honestly, very glad they used the design of Pacman from Pacman World for PS1. At first I was skeptical, but the gameplay footage (and nostalgia) convinced me otherwise -- Smash Bros harbors retired characters such as Sonic, Mega Man, and Ness, so why not Pacman?
  • Fanservice confirmed, which was an unexpected reveal (hint hint nudge nudge). Everyone thought the rumor of her being a character was sketchy, but hey, they were true all along (or good guessers).
  • Mii Fighters: just as bland as I figured, though it seems to be inevitable. On the bright side, I can make a Mii of Luigi doing his death stare and play as him. So that's good.
  • Smash Run looks great, as I expected. Hard to screw that up.
  • People criticizing Sm4sh for not having L-Canceling/Edgehogging/Grab combos/Whatever the Melee purists are beating off to need to keep in mind Sakurai stated "a product still in development".
  • I'm not too fond of the new announcer, and I'm unsure if it is because I'm so used to the Brawl announcer.
  • Reggie wants to kick some ass.

--HavocReaper48 17:33, 27 July 2014 (EDT)