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Koda "Pine Marten"
Brawl main Pikachu
Other Brawl
Melee main Pikachu
Other Melee
Yoshi, Fox, Peach
Crew(s) No crew yet.
Skill SmashBrosSymbol.svg Pro-Am
Additional info
Real name Kevin Yablonski
Birth date February 28, 1989(1989-02-28) (age 26)
Location Calgary, AB canada

Koda is a Canadian smasher from Calgary, Alberta who is the only local Pikachu main in town. He first appeared on the scene competing in Pro Impact BI-WEEKLY Smash.


  • As a Pikachu player, Koda's aggressive playstyle and approach lie in stark contrast to that of fellow Edmonton Pika player, LemonLau, who employs a more defensive game.
  • Koda has gained a certain notoriety for having multiple aliases and can be seen under the names: Koda, Pine Marten, Ermine.
  • Much to his chagrin, the smash community has opted to refer to him as "Pine Thompson" on occasion, satirizing his own multi-named entity.

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