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Izaw91 "Izaw"
SSB4 (Wii U) mains Sheik, Link
Brawl main Link
Other Brawl
Wolf, Sheik
Skill Professional
Additional info
Location Sweden Sweden

Izaw91 is a Swedish smasher famous for playing Link. He is noted for playing a selection of characters at a competent level. Izaw's claim to fame was his YouTube account where he would post several matches and "combo videos" mostly, if not all starring Link. Izaw has played Melee but has gained worldwide fame from playing Brawl. Izaw recently competed in a European "Super Lion Tournament" where he was able to play against top European players such as Europe's best Snake Calzorz and Europe's best Marth Mr. R.

Izaw is a part of a worldwide "Link Community" and compiled a "combo" video entitled "Believe the Legend" where he along with other Link players demonstrate their skill.


  • Izaw is good friends with retired smasher Rebaz, a Dutch Captain Falcon player who gained plenty of fame through his YouTube account.
  • Izaw does not believe in tier lists.

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