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Azen Zagenite "Azen"
Brawl main Lucario
Other Brawl
Diddy Kong
Melee mains Marth, Sheik
Other Melee
Captain Falcon
Project M mains Marth, Roy
Other Project M
Former crews H2YL
Skill Top professional
Additional info
Real name Christopher McMullen
Birth date December 20, 1986(1986-12-20) (age 27)
Location Alexandria, Virginia united states

Christopher McMullen, more commonly known as Azen Zagenite or just Azen, is an American professional smasher that specialises in both Melee and Brawl. Although he primarily used Marth and Sheik in Melee tournaments, Azen was known for his ability to use multiple characters at the competitive level, leading some to call him The Master of Diversity and similar nicknames.


Azen legitimized himself to the community at large by placing fourth at Tournament Go 5. From the tournament, Azen went on to rank third or higher in numerous tournaments afterward.

Azen's greatest national victory occured at Tournament Go 6, where he defeated Captain Jack to claim victory. He also attended FC6, and did quite well after a six-month hiatus from the game. He was victorious at MLG Orlando, ranking even higher than famed Smasher Ken. Azen also won the MLG NY Playoffs, defeating Ken in the first round of the tournament.

Azen picked up Super Smash Bros. Brawl on its release and continued to play numerous characters at a high level, including Lucario, Marth, Diddy Kong, King Dedede, Mr. Game & Watch, Snake and Peach. Azen used to be considered the top Lucario player in Brawl's early metagame, and it is largely a result of Azen's dominance that Lucario was considered a high tier character in Brawl's early metagame.

During his time in Brawl, Azen achieved considerable success and notable victories, such as beating DieSuperFly 2-0 at Critical Hit 3 and being the first person to knock Ally out of losers bracket (at CATACLYSM 4). He is also the first person to have won a major tournament (C3 tournament 8-15-09) with Lucario, beating Korn 3-1 in grand finals.

Azen temporarily retired from competitive Smash in August 2009, claiming that he lost interest due to most of his friends no longer playing the game.

Azen made his first tournament appearance in almost four years at Pound V in February 2011 coming in at forty-ninth in singles out of 243 entrants, and garnering a ninth place finish in doubles with Chillin. Both Azen and Chillin stated that they had become active in Melee again, though neither are as prolific as prior to their retirements.

In April 2014, the trailer for the Melee and Project M event Bar Wars: The Region Strikes Back featured clips of Azen towards the end, with Chillin claiming that Azen would return to the Melee scene at the event. However, Azen did not actually show up at the event. Two months later, Chillin once again stated that Azen would be returning to the Melee scene at the 6/3 weekly edition of the event Smash @ Xanadu. Azen indeed showed up at this event, and won Melee singles, defeating Chillin, ChuDat, and DP. He also placed 9th in Project M singles.

Style of play[edit]

Main characters[edit]

Azen mains Marth and Sheik; despite this, he can play nearly every character in the game at a high level. In some tournaments, Azen has used Samus, Link, and Pikachu in order to place high, while other characters have been used in lower-stakes matches.

In doubles, Azen still often uses both Marth and Sheik, though he has been known to use Peach and Falco in some doubles matches.

The "Azendash"[edit]

Despite considerable fame surrounding Azen as a smasher, as well as his ability to use multiple characters, Azen's longest-lasting contribution to the community is the use of his gamertag in the farcical term "Azendash".

The Azendash.

In a match against Captain Jack, Azen (as Marth) held a slight advantage over Captain Jack (as Sheik); both had three stock, but Jack had in excess of 100% damage, while Azen had less than 40% damage. In an attempt to immediately backtrack onto the ledge in response to being thrown off the stage, Azen recovered with Dolphin Slash, then immediately tried to wavedash back onto the ledge, in what could be considered a relatively basic manuver. Azen, however, botched the manuver and ended up airdodging down and away from the ledge, causing him to self-destruct. Following this error, Azen ended up losing to Jack by two stocks. The match was of particular note because of how it was the last match of a set; because of his error, Azen was seen as having blown his only chance at advancing in the tournament.

As a result of Azen's critical error, the act of airdodging off an edge in an attempt to edgehog came to be referred to as an Azendash, as an amalgamation of Azen's tag and the wavedash.

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