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The following is a list of software used to hack the Super Smash Bros. games.


BrawlBox displaying Falco's opening scene texture in Project M.
The Melee stage Fourside in Brawl created with BrawlBox.

BrawlBox is used to open and edit various Super Smash Bros. Brawl files. While most well-known for texture and stage hacks, the program's development has blossomed into an armature editor, a model editor and, in future, a moveset editor similar to Project Smash Attacks or Open SA.



BrawlBox was originally created by Kryal in 2009. Sometime after that, BlackJax96 took over development until he discontinued it in 2013. Today, libertyernie and Sammi Husky serve as BrawlBox's development team.

Open Smash Attacks[edit]

Open Smash Attacks is a Brawl moveset editor with the goal of serving as a side tool to BrawlBox by editing and representing files that BrawlBox cannot or can but poorly. Open SA is significantly more advanced than its predecessor, Project Smash Attacks; It can view the actions and hitboxes of most props and projectiles, open character files that PSA has trouble with, and work with files that house general actions for all playable characters. Open SA's major downside is the complexity involved in editing files and there are some facets that cannot be accessed or edited such as Pikmin hitboxes.

Project Smash Attacks[edit]

Project Smash Attacks was the predecessor to Open Smash Attacks. While now rendered obsolete by improved understanding of Brawl's code, the program still sees use by those interested in learning how to modify character movesets.

Due to its fame as the first application to allow for the customisation of movesets, the term "PSA" is still used to describe moveset hacks.