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nealdt "Neal"
Nealdt oc2.jpg
Character info
Melee mains Ice Climbers, Young Link
Team info
Crew(s) Zero Challenge Staff
Personal and other info
Real name Neal Terrell
Birth date (age 40)
Location Long Beach, CA United States

nealdt was an American casual smasher, who was a Smashboards moderator, and the creator of AllisBrawl, overseeing the latter site as its owner throughout Brawl's competitive life. He joined the Smash community in July of 2004 and for two years attended a number of tournaments throughout California; his location in the middle of the state gave him easy drives to a number of regular tournaments in the southern and northern portions of the state, and he quickly became known for his friendly and easy-going nature.

Neal released two Ice Climbers tutorial videos, Double Vision and Avalanche, in late 2005. The videos were very well received for their clear illustrations of advanced Ice Climbers techniques that many in the community had never seen, thanks to the relative obscurity of the character. The videos prompted a miniature explosion of interest in the Ice Climbers and continued to be a discussion point.

After graduating from college in 2006, nealdt gave up on competitive Smash play and moved towards a support and leadership role in the community. He ran two large tournaments (the Champ Combo series) in early 2006 and later that year helped run Zero Challenge; beyond planning, setup, transportation, and housing, Neal was wholly responsible for running the tournament brackets himself. Shortly thereafter he was made moderator of the Pacific West regional forum and his name became fairly well known throughout the community as a respected tournament host.

Neal returned to school in Fall 2007 to pursue a mathematics teaching credential.

tio tournament organizer[edit]

nealdt is the creator of tio tournament organizer, an advanced computer application for administering tournaments. Based on the community-standard Tournament Maker 2, tio can be used to run single/double-elimination and round robin brackets, and includes a host of utilities for tracking TV usage, calculating payouts, summarizing player performances, and more. Neal also administered the tia tournament archive, a companion program to tio that hosted tournament results online and cross-linked player performances across any number of tournaments.

All is Brawl[edit]

nealdt was the creator and owner of All is Brawl, a website created to enhance and simplify making use of Brawl's online play to find opponents, as well as to act as a Facebook-like social site for specifically Smash. He also created the "All is" network, a network of sister sites with websites similar to AllisBrawl based around other games, such as a site for Animal Crossing.

Despite All is Brawl's initially high standing in the community, nealdt became gradually less active in maintaining the site, with AiB later encountering numerous problems with server crashes, errors, lockouts, and server space issues as the site and the entire "All is" network aged. In 2014, nealdt sold AllisBrawl to one of AiB's original co-founders, JV, who later rebranded the site as Nintendo Dojo, while the rest of the "All is" sites were shut down. Since then, nealdt has no longer been involved in the Smash community in any sort of capacity.


nealdt is now a professor at California State University Long Beach. He is an instructor for courses in computer science, including introductory programming in Java, intermediate C++, discrete mathematics, algorithms and data structures, search engine technology, and programming language theory/implementation.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
SoCal Biweekly 9/16 September 15, 2006 17th 9th Buzz