Character info
Melee mains Fox, Captain Falcon
Other Melee characters Marth, Mewtwo
Personal and other info
Real name Joel Pechler
Location Edmonton, AB Canada

FastFox is a Fox player from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He mains Fox, and seconds Mewtwo. FastFox is also known to be one of the most technical players in Canada. FastFox is a SmashBoards moderator for the Canada sub-forum. He also coined the unofficial name for the cloud in Yoshi's Story, Randall the Cloud.


FastFox is well-known on SmashBoards, as well as in the Smash community at large. He frequently posts in the Back Room, Fox Character Specific, Melee Discussion, and Regional Zones forums. Due to financial hardship, FastFox was unable to attend previous major and semi-major tournaments both inside and outside of Canada, however that is expected to change with future events.

He is known for his extremely fast fingers and reflexes, all of which lend themselves well to his name, as he does indeed sport the fastest Fox most players have ever seen. He frequently smashes with players such as FalseFalco, SHWN, MikeMonkey, and others located within the relative vicinity of Edmonton. He is the most technical out of all the Alberta players, and prides himself in being able to do everything possible with Fox.

FastFox administrates the Central Canada Thread on SmashBoards and hopes to be able to unite all the smashers within the area for greater regional competition. In the past, FastFox worked in close collaboration with RJM in the hopes of establishing a Central Canada Smash Circuit, but has soon left dead from the smash community.

As of December 16, 2007, Fastfox officially retired from the competitive smash scene stating "Meh, it's a game. I've come to realize it. It's still fun and all, but playing competitively just doesn't appeal to me anymore. I've made so many new friends, and i regret nothing. The time has come for me to leave the smash community. Goodbye to everyone. I love you all."

However, as of May 14, 2008, FastFox had officially come out of retirement, claiming that his love for the game would never die.

FastFox now moderates Fox character specific, Canada Regional Zones, and 1-Player Mode on Smash World Forums.

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