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The Smashers
The Smashers logo.png
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Projected release date November 2016
Genre(s) Action/Adventure

The Smashers is a live-action/animated film featuring the characters of the Super Smash Bros. series series and is part of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe. The film was announced on April 1st, 2016 and is scheduled to hit theaters in November.


Mario receives a strange letter with no origin, saying only: "Mario. You tore out my daughter's heart. You and your friends shattered my son's dreams. And you killed my wife. It is finally time to commence my revenge." He has a guess as to what this means and calls a meeting of the minds. Evidence strongly suggests that an extradimensional army is being assembled and will focus their first attack on the Mushroom Kingdom, before moving on to other major settlements of other nearby universes.

It is agreed to initiate the Super Multiversal Anti-Scelerat Hyper-Brotherhood Project, codenamed "SMASH Bros." Mario and members of the think tank begin recruiting the best and brightest fighters of the affected universes in preparation of the upcoming invasion.


Several playable characters in the Smash Bros. series are known to be present in the film. It is known that they will be primarily divided into "fighters" and "thinkers", though it is unconfirmed exactly who fits where, and also expected that the lines will be blurred at some point. It is equally unclear as to whether the film's antagonist is within this list, or an original character.

  • Mario - The informal leader of the front-lines group. He strikes down his foes with his incredible jumping prowess, steadfast hammer, and pyrokinesis.
  • Luigi - Mario's right-hand man. He takes down foes with his skills in hammer weilding and his signature Thunderhand technique.
  • Peach - The humble princess and ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She fights with elegance and grace, but she can still pack a punch.
  • Yoshi - Gives out a tongue-lashing in more ways than one. Yoshi and his huge mob of rainbow-hued friends can get anywhere in a blink.
  • Bowser - The great brute of the Mushroom Kingdom. He prefers a more direct approach: punching and using his shell to attack and defend.
  • Donkey Kong - Several hundred pounds of ape that doesn't take too kindly to intruders. Mind that you stay on the good side of him and his family.
  • Link - A hero of legend and nexus of courage, Link uses the benevolent Master Sword, an indestructible shield, and a wide array of blessed weaponry to lay waste to evil.
  • Zelda - The magical princess of Hyrule. She is very wise, which allows her to teleport, produce fireballs, and reflect projectiles.
  • Ganondorf - The King of the Gerudo holds more raw power than should be possible. Only the most sacred of weapons can withstand his assault.
  • Samus - The intergalactic bounty hunter. Her Varia Suit comes equipped with a versatile arm cannon, perfect for dealing with space pirates.
  • Kirby - This super tuff pink puff is a jack-of-all-jack-of-all-trades. No technique or technology is beyond his reach.
  • Fox - Leader of his own justice-seeking band, McCloud's tactics and devotion see him through many battles.
  • Pikachu - The Electric Mouse Pokémon. Its cheeks store large amounts of electricity, capable of frying even the toughest of foes.
  • Jigglypuff - Far too many foes believe this Balloon Pokémon is not a threat, which leaves them helpless to its aerial assault and sonoral incapacitation.
  • Mewtwo - Cloned from Mew and born to fight, Mewtwo is an unimaginably powerful Pokémon. It uses its powerful telekinetic abilities to take down foes with ease.
  • Lucario - A master of Aura, Lucario can cause more damage when injured. It can sense foes by their unique aura.
  • Captain Falcon - The face of the F-Zero circuit channels his booming popularity into a fiery fighting style that leaves criminals in the dust.
  • Ness - Refusing to back down in the face of incredible odds, Ness battles invaders with ingenuity and faith.
  • Olimar - Tamer of Pikmin and blazer of wilderness, what was once a humble deliveryman is now a formidable commander of a hundred unyielding troops.
  • Shulk - A crafty engineer tempered by a long journey of the past. No spy or informant can best his knowledge of future events.
  • Mega Man - A strong sense of justice and an affinity for adapting to new situations quickly make this fighting robot a complex opponent.