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This page is a draft.
Feel free to contribute to this page as you would a mainspace page.
Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 SheikNeutralAttack1SSB4.gif
Neutral attack 2 SheikNeutralAttack2SSB4.gif
Forward tilt SheikForwardTiltSSB4.gif
Up tilt SheikUpTiltSSB4.gif
Down tilt SheikDownTiltSSB4.gif
Dash attack SheikDashAttackSSB4.gif
Forward smash SheikForwardSmashSSB4.gif
Up smash SheikUpSmashSSB4.gif
Forward aerial SheikForwardAirWiiU.gif
Back aerial SheikBackAirSSB4.gif
Up aerial SheikUpAirSSB4.gif
Grab SheikGrabSSB4.gif
Pivot grab SheikPivotGrabSSB4.gif