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The following is a list of all firearms used by playable characters as weapons in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Peanut Popgun[edit]

The Peanut Popgun trophy in SSB4.

In Smash, Diddy Kong uses the Peanut Popgun in both of his playable appearances as part of his neutral special and his Final Smash. In his home series, the Peanut Popgun is a firearm created by Funky Kong, first introduced in Donkey Kong 64 and has been an iconic Diddy Kong-related item in the series ever since. With it, Diddy is capable of attacking enemies from a distance, triggering switches on walls, and popping balloons. As the game progresses, players are able to increase the amount of ammo it can carry, add on a sniper scope to enable a first-person mode to shoot farther distances, and also gain a homing feature so all of Diddy's peanuts will automatically fly towards enemies.

Unlike the Smash incarnation, Diddy is not capable of eating the ammo of the gun in his home series. The homing feature, conversely, is not present in Smash.

Kirby can also use the Peanut Popgun if he copies Diddy's neutral special.

Arm Cannon[edit]

The Arm Cannon as it appears in Metroid Prime: Echoes.

The Arm Cannon is the weapon choice of Samus Aran when in her Varia suit. She has many different Arm Cannons through out her series, each one with a different design to match the armor shes wearing. Her default Arm Cannon grants her the Power Beam, her basic energy shots which are the basis for her un-charged neutral special in the Smash Bros. series. The Arm Cannon is also of transforming and granting Samus various other abilities as well, both in Smash Bros. and her home series. It is able to shoot missiles, an energy lasso to grab enemies, and can even fire a giant laser to defeat her foes.


The Paralyzer as it appears in Metroid: Other M.
See also: Paralyzer and Plasma Whip

In Smash, Zero Suit Samus uses the Paralyzer in both of her playable appearances as part of her neutral special and side special, as well as here down smash, up smash, neutral air, grab, throws. It also has the ability to form an energy whip to physically attack enemies, a trait exclusive to the Smash Bros. series. The weapon itself was first introduced in the Metroid series in Zero Mission, and remained unnamed up until its appearance in Other M, a game made after Brawl, officially being called the Paralyzer.

Kirby can also use the Paralyzer if he copies Samus's neutral special.


The Blaster as it appears in Star Fox: Assault.

The Blaster is a weapon that has appeared in the Star Fox series since the beginning, though, like the Paralyzer, had been unnamed until its appearance in the Smash Bros. series, with it becoming the canon name for the weapon in Star Fox: Assault. Each member of the Star Fox team owns one, and in Star Fox 64 Falco, Slippy, and Peppy could use them during ground based missions in the games Multiplayer Mode. In Star Fox: Assault every member of Fox's team can use a Blaster, and have infinite ammo for the weapon.

In the Smash Bros. series. Fox and Falco share Blaster designs, due to being on the same team, though the blaster changes design with each entry in the series. Wolf's Blaster has a unique trait in that it has a blade attached too it, enabling him to deal physical damage to an enemy should they be right next to him when he uses it. Each character uses their Blaster for their respective neutral specials, though Fox and Falco also use their's for some of their throws.

Kirby can also use any of the three Blasters if he copies their respective owners' neutral special.

Dark Pit Staff[edit]

The Dark Pit Staff in Kid Icarus: Uprising.
See also: Dark Pit Staff

In Smash, Dark Pit uses the Dark Pit Staff as part of his Final Smash. In the Kid Icarus series despite being called a staff, all weapons of its type are guns in everything but name. They are designed, shaped, held, and used like long range rifles or sniper rifles. The further one is away from their enemy, the more damage they deal against them. The Dark Pit Staff is the second strongest staff in Uprising, with only the Thanatos Staff outranking it in power and ability. The Dark Pit Staff though has the unique trait of being the only staff whose long ranged and short ranged attacks are equal in power.

Inkling's Arsenal[edit]

The Splattershot, with no Ink inside, as seen in Splatoon.

In Smash, Inkling has access to a plethora of ink-spewing weapons, many of which are firearms. Made for spreading ink across the terrain and one's opponents. If an Inkling of one color is covered in the ink of another color, it decreases their strength. In Smash covered in Ink from the Splattershot, or other ink-spewing moves, will take more damage from the Inkling's attacks. Kirby can also use the Splattershot if he copies an Inkling's neutral special.

  • The Splattershot for their neutral special and neutral attack.
  • The Blaster for their Up smash.
  • The Killer Wail for their Final Smash.

Snake's Arsenal[edit]

The RGB6 Grenade Launcher from Snakes Final Smash in Brawl, as seen in Metal Gear Solid 2.

In Smash, Snake has access to a plethora of military grade weapons, many of which are firearms, provided to him by the organization he works for in his many stealth missions.

  • A Remote Missile for his Side Special.
  • An RPG-7 Rocket Launcher for his Forward Smash.
  • A Mortar that fires an explosive shell into the air for his Up Smash.
  • An RGB6 Grenade Launcher as part of his Final Smash in Brawl.
  • A handgun strapped to his right thigh but never used.

Each weapon is designed to work in specific situations Snake may find himself in when he's forced to fight an enemy during a stealth mission, such as remote missiles to take out an enemy in a specific location, as well as act as decent distractions far from a hiding place.

Mega Buster[edit]

Mega Man with the Mega Buster in SSBU.

In Smash, Mega Man uses the Mega Buster for most of his moveset.

Bayonetta's Handguns[edit]

Love is Blue - Bayo2.pngScarborough Fair - Bayo1.png
Love is Blue, and Scarborough Fair, as they appear in
Bayonetta's home franchise.

In Smash, Bayonetta uses two sets of four guns, each set named after a tragic love song, with the names of each individual guns named after lyrics from said song. In her default costumes she wields Love is Blue as her primary means of attack. When using Bayonetta's "A Witch With No Memories" costume, Love is Blue is replaced with Scarborough Fair, with no difference in function. On top of each gun in "Love is Blue" having its own name, the handle of each gem has a color coded jeweled charm hanging from its grip, each one engraved with a certain flower that has a meaning tied too its name. In Smash, Bayonetta uses the guns for her neutral special, as well as Bullet Arts, which allows her to stand in place and fire one of her four guns after nearly all of her moves. Kirby can also use the Love is Blue set of guns if he copies Bayonetta's neutral special.

The individual names for each gun in "Love is Blue", as well as the flower engraved gems, are:

  • "Eye of the Overseer", its flower a Marigold; symbolizing Sorrow, her right-hand gun with the red gem.
  • "An Endless Life", its flower a Muscari (Grape Hyacinth); symbolizing Frustration, her left-hand gun with the the white gem.
  • "The Darkest Night", its flower an Erica (Heath/Heather); symbolizing Solitude, her right-heel gun with the black gem.
  • "A Jealous Lover", its flower a Cyclamen; symbolizing Jealousy, her left-heel gun with the green gem.

The individual names for each gun in "Scarborough Fair" are:

  • "Parsley, ever Joyous", her right-hand gun with the green gem.
  • "Sage, ever Strong", her left-hand gun with the red gem.
  • "Rosemary, ever Reminiscent", her right-heel gun with the blue gem.
  • "Thyme, ever Courageous", her left-heel gun with the white gem.

Made by the famed Angel-turned-Demon Weapon Smith Rodin, despite being guns Bayonetta actually uses them, most of the time, for melee strikes: pistol whipping her enemies with every punch and kick she performs. She is capable of creating small explosions while pulling the trigger during impacts, and if its held she will pause mid-combo and begin shooting, performing her Bullet Arts technique. The guns are made from a special demonic alloy that "The Devil himself would do anything to get his hands on", making them very rare and valuable, and possibly even indestructible. The gemstones embedded into the chambers of each gun house the spirits of demonic fairies from hell, with their magic each gun contains an infinite number of auto-loading magical bullets.


Artwork of Joker wielding the Tkachev in Persona 5.
See also: Gun

For Joker's neutral special in Ultimate he wields a hand pistol, the Tkachev. He is capable of using it in a variety of ways, standard shots, shooting while moving along the ground, and while in the air he can shoot while spinning 360 degrees or rain a barrage of bullets straight down at his enemies. Kirby can also use the Tkachev if he copies Joker's neutral special.

Mii Gunner firearms[edit]

The standard gun in SSBU.

Mii Gunner's can use many different firearms, depending on their outfit:

  • Standard outfit: A basic arm cannon, loosely resembling Mega Man's Mega Buster.
  • High-Tech Armor: An arm cannon, loosely resembling Mega Man's Mega Buster.
  • Wild West Wear: A grenade launcher.
  • Fancy Suit: An arm cannon, loosely resembling Samus's arm cannon.
  • Steampunk: A steampunk arm cannon.
  • Dragon Armor: A dragon-shaped cannon.
  • Mage Outfit: A wooden arm cannon.
  • SSB T-Shirt: A basic arm cannon.
  • X's Armor: X's Mega Buster.
  • Proto Man's Armor: Proto Man's Proto Buster.
  • Inkling Outfit: The Inkling's Splattershot.
  • Isabelle Outfit: A party hat.
  • MegaMan.EXE's Armor: MegaMan.EXE's Mega Buster.
  • K.K. Slider Outfit: K.K. Slider's guitar.
  • Hoodie: A basic arm cannon.
  • Bear Suit: A honey pot.
  • Samus's Armor: Samus's arm cannon.
  • Business Suit: A briefcase.
  • Fox Outfit: Fox's Blaster.
  • Geno Outfit: A gun loosely resembling a shotgun.
  • Tails Outfit: A cartoon-like ray gun.

Other firearms[edit]

The following other firearms appear in notable gameplay roles: