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Just a list of my current projects to keep people up to speed if anyone wants to stalk me support my work.


Name Started/Ended Progress Followers/Subscribers
Disaster Flare on Twitch March 2017– N/A 63
Disaster Flare on YouTube March 2017– 66 videos 47
Pokémon Ruby Adventures April 13th, 2017– 2 arcs; 73 pages total 9
Name Started/Ended Progress Followers/Subscribers
Sonic: Child of Eternity - Book 1: God of the Water May 1st, 2020 Complete 0
Sonic: Child of Eternity - Book 2: Declaration of War June 7th, 2020 Complete 0

On Hiatus

Name Started/Ended Progress Followers/Subscribers
A Minor Case of Mass Chaos May 7th, 2017– 1 arc; 3 pages total 0


Name Started/Ended Progress Followers/Subscribers Reason(s) for ending/cancellation
Flare Movie Reviews May 15th–December 31st, 2015 15 reviews N/A Lack of interest; being someone who actually hates critics, I didn't feel comfortable with stooping to their level.
Tomodachi Life August 24th, 2015–July 22, 2017 27 chapters 20 Cringy fanfiction I will no longer be updating.
Smash Auditions May 13th–15th, 2017 2 pages 0 Was mostly experimental and was never meant to be a serious thing unless I really liked it, which, as you can guess, I wasn't impressed with the final turnout of the first two pages.
Untitled film 2015-2020 N/A N/A Further education on its subject matter left me uncomfortable with releasing a movie that may ultimately leave a negative impact.


Name Release Date Description
Sonic: Child of Eternity - Book 3 TBD Book 3 of the Child of Eternity saga.
Upcoming YouTube Project TBD A new project that's been being worked on behind the scenes for a year.


Pokémon Ruby Adventures

Arc Pages Originally posted
First posted Last posted
1 40 April 13, 2017 September 21, 2017
2 33 October 3, 2017 December 26, 2019
3 TBD March 31, 2020 TBD