User:Air Conditioner/The Playlist for Your Current Situation/Every User's Theme Song! (Non-VGM)

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Welcome to the page of everyone's theme song! You may choose your own theme song in here. In addition, you can have one <option></option> setup with up to seven songs. However, the options setup must fit a very specific scheme:

  • Have one non-videogame song as your main theme, which is a song that you strongly identify with the lyrics of, or a song that fits your personality in general very well. Use the syntax <option weight=12></option>.
  • You can have ONE TO THREE songs as your alternate themes, which you also strongly identify with the lyrics of/which also fits your personality, but not as strongly as your main theme. Use the syntax <option weight=2></option> for these.
  • Finally, you may have ONE TO FIVE songs as your event themes. By this, I mean that this may be your theme song when you are in a certain mood or certain place, etc. Use the syntax <option></option> for these.
  • Remember, you can only have seven songs total.
  • I may have picked a song for you already. This is only a placeholder and if you want to change it, by all means please do.
  • No video game music, film scores, anime songs, commercial jingles, or anything of the sort. (Classical music is okay, Toomai. However, picking something with lyrics is preferable.)

AirCon's Theme(s)[edit]

AirCon's main theme.

ToastUltimatum's Theme[edit]

AirCon's pick for Toast's theme. Toast: You can replace this at any time.

Captain_Falcon's Theme[edit]

AirCon's pick for Captain_Falcon's theme. Captain_Falcon: You can replace this at any time.

Luna/koshka/PSIWolf/What the hell does he call himself now's Theme[edit]

AirCon's pick for Luna/koshka/that Dutch guy's theme. Luna: You can replace this at any time.

Toomai's Theme[edit]

Toomai's main theme: Because THE BOSS is the boss of brass and the boss of the brass and therefore requires the bossy brass of a brassy boss.

Omega Tyrant's Theme[edit]

AirCon's pick for Omega Tyrant's theme. Omega Tyrant: You can replace this at any time.

Smash Master's Theme[edit]

AirCon's pick for Smash Master's theme. I know Smash Master is inactive, but still...

Airconny's Theme[edit]

AirCon's pick for Airconny's theme. Airconny: You can replace this at any time.

HavocReaper48's Theme[edit]

Havoc's main theme.

MegiBeelzebub's Theme[edit]

MegiBeelzebub's main theme: From a band that nobody ever heard of...

ThePikaPlayer's Theme[edit]

ThePikaPlayer says: A good song, but I really like VG music(My favorite non-video theme is Lowrider, which is above).