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I am one who prefers Snake's Codec Conversations over SSB4's Palutena's Guidance. That said, here's what I think would be used for Snake's conversations with the new characters in Smash 4 (along with new ones for characters who'd need new ones). I had a lot of fun making these, so enjoy the humor.


Snake: Colonel, who's the kid with the big eyes?

Colonel: That's Villager. The place where he comes from is undefined, as the name keeps changing…

Snake: Huh, interesting.

Colonel: He uses many things to fight with, though. A tree, a bowling ball, a slingshot...but his most devastating ability is his Pocket move.

Snake: Pocket?

Colonel: When Villager uses Pocket, he can pick up anything, including your weapons. He then stores them away, and can use them any time he wants.

Snake: He kinda creeps me out...

Mega Man[edit]

Snake: Otacon, is that…

Otacon: It is!

Snake: Mega'd he get here?

Otacon: I honestly don’t know. Although he looks like he's got some of the Robot Masters' abilities.

Snake: Robot Masters?

Otacon: They were the bosses in the Mega Man games. And they each had their own unique ability.

Snake: So Mega Man now has those abilities?

Otacon: Apparently so. He has a Metal Blade, a Crash Bomb, a Leaf Shield...he has a really good arsenal.

Snake: Is he going to be tough to beat?

Otacon: Probably not. He may be tough, but I know you can beat him, Snake.

Wii Fit Trainer[edit]

Snake: Mei Ling, who's the mannequin?

Mei Ling: That's the Wii Fit Trainer. She is a health nut, and her moves are based off of fitness exercises.

Snake: That's an...interesting way to fight…

Mei Ling: Yet very effective. She may be calm one minute, but she could be beating you up the next. Watch out for her.

Rosalina & Luma[edit]

Snake: Mei Ling, who's the princess with the weird star?

Mei Ling: That's Rosalina and Luma. Snake, do you remember the Ice Climbers?

Snake: Sure.

Mei Ling: Just like them, Luma helps out Rosalina with attacks. But, like the Pikmin, Luma can be defeated.

Snake: But can't Rosalina just bring up another one?

Mei Ling: Yes, but it's not the same as the one before.

Snake: Huh...a tag team duo...this should be interesting.

Little Mac[edit]

Snake: Colonel, tell me I'm not going insane.

Colonel: Why's that, Snake?

Snake: Because I swear I've seen that boxer before.

Colonel: That's Little Mac. You may remember him from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Snake: So that's where he's from...wasn’t he an Assist Trophy then?

Colonel: Yes, he was. Unfortunately, Little Mac is stronger than ever. He even has a one-hit KO Uppercut.

Snake: Yea, I've seen it in action. It looks like it hurts.

Colonel: It does. However, you can dodge it. If you see him rushing towards you, move out of the way as soon as possible.

Snake: I'll work on avoiding it.


Snake: Mei Ling, who's the frog?

Mei Ling: That's Greninja.

Snake: Greninja? Why does that sound like it’s a Pokémon name…

Mei Ling: Funny you should mention that...because Greninja is a Pokémon.

Snake: Is Greninja is a ninja?

Mei Ling: Well, duh, Snake. It's a part of its name. And it even moves like one.

Snake: Yea, I’ve seen its moves. Although, they’re too fast to keep track of…

Mei Ling: Well, don’t strain your brain too hard. You need to keep focusing on the battle.

Snake: Got it.


Snake: Otacon…is that a dragon?

Otacon: That's Charizard. He's almost like a tank: a lot of power and defense.

Snake: So it'll take a lot to beat him…

Otacon: His Flare Blitz attack can damage him, even if he misses. If you can avoid that, then making him weak will be easy.

Snake: I'll keep that in mind.

Mii Fighter[edit]

Snake: Colonel, there’s a weird human-like fighter’s creeping me out.

Colonel: That’s just a Mii. Miis come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be customized to look like a lot of different people.

Snake: So that means, somewhere out there, there’s a Mii of me?

Colonel: Would the Les Enfants Terribles Project go that far…

Snake: Who knows.


Snake: Mei Ling, this woman here...she claims she’s a goddess…

Mei Ling: That’s Palutena, the goddess of light.

Snake: So she was right…

Mei Ling: Palutena uses many of her abilities to her advantage. She uses Heavenly Light, Warp, Super Speed, and Angelic Missile, among other things.

Snake: How many abilities does she have, let alone need?!

Mei Ling: Well, she is a goddess, and anything an angel can do, a goddess can do better.


Snake: Otacon...they didn’t…

Otacon: Is that...who I think it is?

Snake: Pac-Man...they invited Pac-Man…

Otacon: It seems they did. And word on the street says he fights pretty well.

Snake: Does he? How can you get someone as old as Pac-Man to fight?

Ocaton: He uses a lot of biting, punching, and kicking techniques. And he has a lot of 8-bit items.

Snake: Hmm...this should be fun. I can’t wait to fight him.


Snake: Mei Ling, that swordsman looks familiar…

Mei Ling: Don’t you mean "swordswoman"?

Snake: What? It’s a woman?!

Mei Ling: That’s Lucina. She is very good with a sword.

Snake: How did she get so good?

Mei Ling: She learned from her father, Chrom. And, for a while, she used a mask to disguise herself as Marth.

Snake: So she takes after two swordsmen? Interesting…

Mei Ling: She also has a strong sense of justice, so don’t be intimidated by her.


Snake: Colonel, who’s that?

Colonel: That’s Robin. In Fire Emblem: Awakening, the player uses Robin as their avatar. But in Smash Bros., Robin is more than just an avatar.

Snake: What does he do?

Colonel: Robin is very good with tomes. He can use electric magic, fire magic, wind magic, and dark magic. But he has limited use of the tomes. When his tomes run out, he switches to his Levin Sword.

Snake: Ugh…magic…

Colonel: ...Do you have a problem with magic, Snake?

Snake: Ask Mei Ling.


Snake: Otacon, who’s the guy with the red sword?

Otacon: That’s Shulk. His red sword, the Monado, can be used for all sorts of things.

Snake: Like what?

Otacon: Well, for example, it has a beam sword in it. He can also use the Monado Arts to change his abilities. The 5 Monado Arts are Jump, Speed, Buster, Shield, and Smash.

Snake: So he can change his abilities to avoid me or attack me?

Otacon: Yes, basically. He’s a hard one.

Bowser Jr.[edit]

Snake: Colonel, I know that turtle from somewhere…

Colonel: That’s Bowser Jr.. He’s the son of Bowser.

Snake: What’s that thing he’s in?

Colonel: That’s the Junior Clown Car. It’s Bowser Jr.’s version of the Koopa Clown Car.

Snake: And so he just stays in the thing to fight?

Colonel: It may be confusing, but it is effective. I hear he’s as evil as his dad.

Duck Hunt[edit]

Snake: Otacon, is it just me, or..does that dog look familiar?

Otacon: Believe it or not, that’s the Duck Hunt Dog.

Snake: I thought I recognized him...what’s he doing here?

Otacon: I don’t know. But it looks like he’s formed an alliance with the ducks.

Snake: I thought they hated each other…

Otacon: Well, like they say, politics makes strange bedfellows…

Snake: ...You’ve been talking with Mei Ling, haven’t you?

Dark Pit[edit]

Snake: Colonel, there’s an angel here with black wings...he looks familiar.

Colonel: That’s Dark Pit. They say he’s the evil side to Pit.

Snake: That’s a no brainer…

Colonel: Dark Pit is essentially the manifestation of Pit's dark side. They may have differences, but they’re alike in many ways.

Snake: ...I know the feeling of that kind of relationship.

Dr. Mario[edit]

Snake: Otacon...isn’t that…Mario?

Ocaton: Close. That’s Dr. Mario.

Snake: What’s the difference?

Otacon: Mario and Dr. Mario may be one and the same, but they have a lot of differences. You know how Mario is known for using fire?

Snake: Of course.

Otacon: Well, Dr. Mario doesn’t use any fire. Instead, he uses the pills seen in the Dr. Mario games.

Snake: Interesting. It’s also been a while since I had my last checkup.


Snake: Colonel…who's the weird, floating thing?

Colonel: That's Mewtwo. Its psychic abilities surpass anyone's power.

Snake: So it can practically predict my every move? How can I beat this thing?!

Colonel: There are no records of it being able to read opponents' moves. However, its telepathic powers are immense, so don't lose focus.


Snake: That guy...with the sword...

Otacon: That's Roy. And that sword of his is called the Sword of Seals.

Snake: ...He reminds me of Marth.

Otacon: The two do share a lot of moves, but Roy has distinct differences. For example, the Sword of Seals uses fire, unlike the Falchion.

Snake: Fire, huh...better not bring my explosives near it.


Snake: ...Who's this guy?

Otacon: You don't know who that is? Snake, that's Ryu, from Street Fighter. I can't believe he's in Smash Bros.!

Snake: Ryu...sounds Japanese...

Otacon: Ryu studied the Ansatsuken martial arts, along with his best friend and rival Ken, under the institution of Gouken. Ryu strives to be the best in the world, and he travels from continent to continent, seeking out the best fighters.

Snake: I was in a fighting game once...but I never got the desire to be the best...

Otacon: Well, different people have different motives...


Snake: Otacon, this swordsman...he looks familiar. Like I've seen him somewhere before.

Otacon: You should know him, Snake! That's Cloud Strife, a former member of SOLDIER and current member of AVALANCHE.

Snake: A fellow soldier, huh...wonder how even that makes us.

Otacon: You may both be soldiers, but you've both had very different forms of training. Cloud had to deal with the loss of three of his comrades, and the reality that his idol was out to destroy the world as we know it, all while suffering amnesia. You two may come from similar backgrounds, but what makes you both who you are can change the course of battle.

Snake: That's not all that'll change it...that sword looks pretty meaty all by itself.

Otacon: That's the Buster Sword, a lengthy weapon that gives Cloud, by far, the longest range out of everyone here. With it, Cloud can perform certain Limit Breaks, which can be powered up by his Limit Gauge. He glows with blue Mako energy when this meter is full, so that's your visual cue to watch out. Luckily, he can only use one powered up move at a time.

Snake: Good to know.


Snake: Mei Ling, who is this kid?

Mei Ling: That's Corrin, born into the kingdom of Hoshido, and kidnapped and raised in the kingdom of Nohr.

Snake: Kidnapped? At a young age? That seems a bit harsh...

Mei Ling: Indeed. When Corrin became older, the king of Nohr allowed him to leave the kingdom, where he subsequently was reunited with his Hoshidan family by complete happenstance. When both kingdoms went to war with each other, poor Corrin was forced to choose which family he was to side with: Hoshido, Nohr, or neither.

Snake: Huh...anything else?

Mei Ling: Corrin has the blood of a dragon flowing through his veins. It allows him to transform into a full dragon to deal heavy damage. He also has the Yato blade at his disposal.

Snake: The thing's a flaming chainsaw! I can only imagine what it'll do to me...


Snake: Colonel, this chick's got a weird vibe to her...

Colonel: That's Bayonetta, one of the last surviving members of the Umbra Witch clan. The Umbra Witches can use their hair as a conduit to summon huge demons - in Bayonetta's case, she can summon Madama Butterfly.

Snake: And what about those guns?

Colonel: The guns are customized to fit her fighting style. She has access to all four of them, so don't think she's limited to just the two in her hands. The bullets don't do much, unless she's charging up her Bullet Climax attack.

Snake: Guns in her hands, and on her feet? I don't even know what I'd be able to do with that much firearm power...


  • In Palutena's conversation, Mei Ling's last line is a reference to the line spoken by Palutena in her very trailer.
  • Snake discussing magic with Campbell in Robin's conversation and suggesting that he "ask Mei Ling" about his distaste for it is a reference to Sheik's Codec conversation in Brawl. Similarly, Snake questioning if Otacon has been talking with Mei Ling in Duck Hunt's conversation is reference to Marth's Codec conversation, where Mei Ling gives Snake a proverb to refer to Marth's history: "politics makes strange bedfellows".
  • In Ryu's conversation, Snake is not referring to his previous appearance in Brawl, but rather his appearance in DreamMix TV World Fighters, where he appeared as a playable character alongside characters such as Bomberman, Megatron, and Simon Belmont.
  • Snake remarking how he gets the feeling that he's seen Cloud somewhere before references how both Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid were released for the PlayStation and within one year of each other (1997 and 1998, respectively).