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Victra - Leader
MAIN Attraction
The Prized Pig

Teh Fair is a smash crew based in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Teh Fair, coming from relative obscurity, has become a well known crew amongst the Central Albertan community.


The name "Teh Fair" derived from the 'Forward aerial' move, which is also known as a fair.


Teh Fair began when Victra first learned about the competitive smash scene from an article from Nintendo Power in the 2005. After learning about wavedashing, luckily enough, JVictra's main was Luigi at the time and the technique came fairly easy to him, even with the article's extremely vague explanation. Victra began explaining the new technique he learned to K Lover - who was Capt.1337 at the time - and though very reluctant at first, K Lover soon gave in and began learning how to wavedash himself. A year after, K Lover and Victra became quite confident and decided to form a two-man crew simply called "FAIR" to host a Smash tournament in order to find more competition in the city of Red Deer. They began by simply posting about a possible smash tournament in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada in the Tournament forum in the SmashBoards as well as in the Red Deer forum and Videogame forum found at social networking In October of that year, Victra and K Lover's tournament finally began and, to their surprise, smashers from outside Red Deer came to participate.

At the tournament, Victra and K Lover realized that the game was far more competitive and popular then they first expected, and the two soon learned that there was more to learn in the game then just wavedashing. Though the majority of the tournament participants were from Edmonton and Calgary, there were several Red Deer smashers who entered the tournament, and the two who stood out the most besides Janitor and K Lover were R.L Prodigy, Victra's younger brother and Victra and K Lover's long time friend MAIN Attraction and the two were asked to join the crew. Though the four were beaten fiercely, the four pushed each other to do better, even to this day and they soon learned advanced techniques after watching Wak's "Advanced How To Play (SSBM)" videos on youtube shortly after.

In March 2006, Teh Fair hosted their second Central Alberta Smash Tournament which, with the help of Calgary smashers Levi, RJM and BackItch and Edmonton smasher FalseFalco, became a big success.

Central Alberta Smash Tournament[edit]

Mike, RJM, FalseFalco, Dasupalouie, Tyson and MICH.

On October 14, 2006, the two founding members of Teh Fair, K Lover, and Victra hosted Red Deer's first extensive tournament consisting of over 30 players who gathered from several cities in Central Alberta at the city's Public Library. K Lover and Victra's tournament became a huge success and became well known throughout Central Alberta as the Central Alberta Smash Tournament.

Teh Fair agreed to host one Central Alberta Smash Tournament roughly each season and with the coordination help of their community.