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Patrollers are users who have been given additional rights to help combat vandalism. They are the lowest of the four ranks of wiki staff, beneath administrators, bureaucrats, and developers.


The patroller rank was established in early 2020 by SmashWiki's developer for two main reasons. First, to create an intermediate staff rank between nothing and the very powerful administrator role, providing an avenue for new staff to be added without requiring such an immediate leap in rights and responsiblities. This gives the wiki a more natural glide path when it comes to user promotions, where one can start as a patroller and get a feel for being on staff before requesting adminship, while at the same time giving the userbase a good look at how they conduct themselves in a staff role and informing any later vote(s). There's no expectation that patrollers request adminship later—a user may simply be interested in helping to watch over the site (and that's possible now)—but if they would have done so before the patroller rank existed, there's no harm in trying them out with a subset of the admin tools rather than only being able to hand out the full suite of 40+ rights at once. The wiki has some built-in security measures, such as the fact that admins can unblock themselves while patrollers cannot, that make the patroller rank a safer place for new staff members to be.

The second reason, and the real catalyst for adding the rank and centering it around combating vandalism, was the continued increased level of site activity and vandal incidents since the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The patroller group aims to alleviate some of that stress by providing a way to allow trusted users to help the admins monitor recent changes and deal with malicious editors. Patrollers exist for those quick, obvious vandal blocks and cleanup that's needed every so often; more involved cases such as mediating user disputes or blocking a user whose behavior is up for debate still fall under the purview of the admins.

While patrollers are not administrators, they are ultimately wiki staff and their behavior should reflect well on SmashWiki. Patrollers are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and maturely, be prepared to help less-experienced users when asked, and follow the guidance of the wiki admins.

Patroller group rights

The wiki software has several important features that are restricted from usage by regular users. This page lists all the restricted features granted to patrollers (and other user ranks), but a basic overview is provided below:

  • Marking edits as patrolled and having their own edits automatically marked as patrolled.
  • Looking up a user's IP address via CheckUser.
  • Blocking and unblocking user accounts and IP addresses; see the blocking guidelines.
  • Hiding, viewing, and restoring specific page revisions and usernames from public view.
  • Instantly reverting the most recent edits made to a page via rollback.

These rights are based around reviewing content and the scenario of dealing with a malicious user: checking their info, blocking them, and cleaning up the mess left behind (such as hiding an innapropriate username or reverting content). These abilities are also possessed by the administrators.

Current patrollers

The following is a list of all current patrollers:

No user found.

Administrators, including bureaucrats and developers, are listed here.