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Goblin Hopping

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Sean Goblin Hopping to evade angel platform invincibility

Goblin hopping, sometimes called a gobble hop or gob hop, is a technique in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Goblin hopping is performed by air dodging diagonally into the ground (or horizontally depending on the jump height and size of one's character) within the first few frames of one's short hop for the purpose of moving through an opponent. It is related to wavedashing in Super Smash Bros. Melee but is primarily used as a defensive option in Ultimate.

Specifics of each technique[edit]

Standard goblin hop[edit]

Kola Goblin Hopping Against Light in Summit 5.

A standard goblin hop entails short hopping in neutral while next to an opponent, followed by a downward angled or horizontal airdodge toward the ground before reaching peak height. If done correctly, a goblin hop enables a character to air dodge through an opponent as a cross-up option and adds ambiguity to landing options. Alternatively, a player can air dodge toward the ground in front of a shielded opponent as an empty land or to feint a tomahawk grab. The timing window of a successful goblin hop depends on the character, but the air dodge should generally be inputted a few frames after the completion of the jump squat animation. Characters with high initial jump heights (e.g. Falco, Greninja, and Zero Suit Samus) have worse goblin hops since air dodge invincibility for these characters typically runs out before they can return to the ground. Characters with strong goblin hops have a combination of low initial jump height and air dodge invincibility that starts on Frame 2 or 3 (e.g. Little Mac, Link, and Steve).

Goblin hopping is also commonly used for mind games. One method is to chain successive goblin hops (see also goblin bouncing), dodging through either side of an opponent’s shield in neutral. This allows players to remain non-committal while threatening options on both sides of an opponent.

Another use of a Goblin hop is to activate Mythra's foresight mechanic. Goblin hopping through an attack as Mytha allows a player to cross-up their opponent while they are in a stun animation, setting up an opportunity for a smash attack in a more ideal direction.

Slingshot goblin hop[edit]

Joker using an slingshot instant goblin hop.

A goblin hop can be used in combination with the slingshot tech. To perform the slingshot goblin hop, simply begin a dash, quickly pull the control stick in the opposite direction diagonally up or down, input a short hop, and air dodge diagonally down. If done correctly, the character will descend from the air dodge with several fewer frames of landing lag. This opens up a wide variety of movement and positional options, particularly with aerial movement.



  • The tech is named due to its resemblance to a Goblin hopping and likely derives from the term "Hopgoblin".[1] It is not named after the Smash Ultimate player Goblin